Tuesday, January 31, 2012

experience to gain

Hello peopleee !!
back to the previous post that what I've done, I said that I'm not so sure
about to attending the AJL 26..

Then when the times come I did it !!! I attend the event and enjoying each performance. Yes the ticket is free and why not I just go and enjoy.. Gaining up some experience huh?? heheheh

Come on, at least I do experienced it rather than none.

Basically here I don't want to telling you guys about who supposed to win or He or She should grab the award, I'm just wanna share what I feel and thoughts once I attend such event.

Chilll people, except what already happen. The winner is announced !! ahhaah

FYI, I never attend such event before which is related to huge viewer like AJL or any award occasion.

Since this is my first time ever I would say that, it is not bad and it is totally different environment !!

what I'm proud about the event is the orchestra and also the lighting !!

These two elements is blending well.. as for me who watch lively during the performance, I feel like without those thing the mood of the song is just nice.

But once they are cooperating with all the elements it will become an awesome showwww!

I'm so happy for the won of Alyah through category of the Best Performance.

See all the props and setting.

and the spectacular lighting. I'm in love with Alyah performance.
lighting mantap habis bergabung dgn orchestra
everything is sharp and fine !

She deserve it ! the concept is there. the lighting, the orchestra, the way she sing, the way she carry the dress.. I was like arghhh "She will win the best performance"

Not just me said that. most of the audience all around me said so. Alyah also got a lot of standing ovation from audience also huge round applause !

my adrenaline moving fast when she sang. I scream, scream and scream loud and louder !!
Very spectacular !

other than that other performance also caught my eyes too from Jaclyn Victor, Yuna for sure, Faizal Tahir, Hafiz and Aizat.

They have their own uniqueness and strong.
The opening for me is awesome. I love all of the legends.

What I'm salute to all the crew is before the AJL start, they asked us to stand and sing the National Anthem. this is something that you guys not expecting at such event right?? never right. Including me. hehhehe
*dah merasa pergi baru tau mcm mana kan*

Beside that during the breaks or commercial they, all the crews put a work had to clear the stage. Mopping, sweeping, arrange the props and so on. Owh not only during the commercial but after each performance they did so. GOOD JOB to them :)

But not everything is put up in the right track.
I feel annoyed with one of the crew which take care of lighting behind us.
*yes we seated at the lighting man*

You know what he is doing??
He smoking during do their work. This is very bad as the event is live and streaming all around the world. If something bad happen then it will effect all the event.

They shall be a professional during work on what they supposed. They should think others safety also.

I am here not want to condemn them or want to commenting their work but I just wanna share my thought on what is happen around me.

Over all, the event is going smoothly and awesome. I'm just love the synchronization of their lighting setting and the music arrangement. hehhehehehe

Then all the winner is already known, so CONGRATULATION to them.
AJL got a long list number of juries. So they did well on their marking.
They are professional and know what the right in their field.

Thanks KSMY FAN PAGE for the free ticket !
hope to get other ticket or the other event tooo !!

I enjoying the show and hope to gain other new things that I never experience and which never cross over in my mind :)

Till then people.

p/s: Saya Jumpa Yunalis Zarai after that event :P
next post yaaa !


sYafIk-wAy said...

kalau dah pergi tuh knfom ase sgt best lagik !

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

hahahah alhamdulillah not bad at all buddy !!