Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Time flies so fast.
2013 will be ended soon and 2014 will come rise and shine.
Few minutes will be entered a new phase of the next life.

In 2013 there's so much events and things that happened in my entire time during in that year.
There's ups and down, black and white, sweet and sour also bad and good.
I don't want recap all those things but maybe we can take a few scenes as a highlight to myself.
Something that I could remember for my entire life.

I would say the sweetest moment is I'm holding the tittle of degree in Culinary Arts Managements.
Degree journey give me lot of lesson to me as a human being, student, friend and absolutely as khalifah.
It teach me to view and see the each perspective of life, the dimension of yourself, reflection of what had been you going through and what life is all about. I would say life is not easy if you always bare in mind that you can't conquer the world. Sometimes I do have that feeling. Well I'm also the normal human being which always stick with the norms. But if you have wide view and have strength intuition with Allah wills, insyaallah we can make it to see the world with our own eyes.

Alhamdulillah I manage to get the scroll with my effort and for sure without my parents's prayer I could be there on the stage during the convocation (even I late to coming in to the hall) LOL !

What else ehh ? In 2013?

This year is a year that I do lot of cake and trying new thing which bring myself to the next level. Gaining a new skill yaww ! There is a failure, I mean a lot ! but if you not put a try then how can you manage to getting a new knowledge. kan? Alhamdullillah people trust me to do their cake for hantaran and any events. I know there's few flaws that sometimes I can deny but people understand and accepts. It's hard for me when it come a cake making, I'm always nervous and be clumsy of doing decorating. Maybe lack of skill, I mean I did not get any official training. Insyaallah 2014 would be the year for me. Who knows? NGEE :P

Something that we unexpected

Sometimes expectation that something we can achieve when we have a strong plan and really works for it. I would say 2013 brings me to the world of unexpected situation. For example my recent vacation. Recent lah sgt kan. hahaha.

During my birthday which around between end of october and early of november. I went for a backpacking trip to Krabi, Thailand. This is my first time went there and as a backpackers! It's a good journey, even though I'm indeed exhausted to change from one transportation to another. But I look at it as a positive one. That's my experience which people wouldn't have the same. That's what makes the trip special. I enjoy the scenery, their culture, food of course also the people also nice! I would go there again if I got the chance one day!

Oh I forgot a week before the fasting month I also went to Vietnam together with my aunt. What I can remember is my aunt pay me for the tix and accommodation ! LOL. This also be one of the highlights in my 2013 book as my first time to go out of Malaysia. Achieved ! Because of Vietnam I had been to Singapore which I plan to go one fine day (still don't have a chances), but I only transit there for two hours. haha. People might thing this is crazy. Why don't you fly straight to Vietnam? such a waste of time. See Allah's plan? think of it. :)

Then the most recent trip is to Jakarta - Bandung. This is my first ever family trip to oversea. Hope this would be a pioneer and beginner for the next next next family trip. Who knows right?
I would say I'm so blessed with what happen in my life especially 2013, full of memories and secret galore in it. Hope the next page of my 2014 book will be cherish and joyful!

I also feel blessed with my family, my friends, my cats and strangers to teach what is life is all about. Thanks to Allah to create and plan a such of great memories for my life :)
Have a blast with your holiday people and HAPPY NEW YEAR.