Wednesday, July 29, 2009


semakin OBSESSED!!!

love this bag!!

Mulberry Balthazar Holdall

Monday, July 27, 2009


im very shocked heard that yasmin ahmad was dead
she is my most feveret director besides ghaz, rashid sibir n so on..
very creative filmmaker and also creative in doing ads commercial
especially for petronas campaign..

i love her hand work
like sepet, gubra, mukhsin, talentime...muallaf
unfortunately im still not watch talentime..
for the rest im done..
and i still waiting muallaf to be publish....

she is the real filmmaker that represent the real MALAYSIA!!!
im wishing the deepest condolence to her family member
rest in peace

Friday, July 24, 2009

im home

evrything unexpected
dah pulak cuti di extend until 2 ogos

hope everythng gonna b fine

but assgment was queue up behind me..
one assgment alredy done
got a few more

for those yg tak sehat tuh jg la diri k..
bende2 spread mcm nih kite tak jangka kan...

pape pon take care n jg la kebersihan

tutop molot mcm ni
stay healthy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009



kes h1n1..
n akan pulang pada malm ini!!!

p/s: blek cari handphone br

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


marc jacobs!!!!
heart his design n getting more obsessed.. gorgeous bag n nice leather..

aku semakin taksub n gila terhadap beg2 sebegini
mengharapkan untuk memiliki one from designer item ..
hmm...harapan setinggi gunung..

mobile phone

what can i say????
my phone missing..

full stop


randomly typing..
tak tau nak citer ape..

currently UITM PENANG mcm ura2 dilanda tanda2 virus H1N1...
WTF???? bak kate diorg sudah terhantuk baru tergadah????

dr dulu taknak overcome or kuarantin awal2 kan..
as long dapat la cegah sebelum lebih terok
lastly makin ary makin meningkat yg demam la apela
almost 200 people yg kene kuarantin katenyer
ni pon bukan dr sumber yg sahih.
kolej baiduri plak dah 2 aras dijadikan tempat kuarantin

tak tau la ap nak jd pasni..
hope everything gonna b fine..

sometimes i feel really stress out kot
*ok ni pasal citer len plak..
tak tau stress pasal ape???
maybe whole things
sume blend n bind together dlm pale ni..

dunno whether can facing through this semester ke tak..
hope i cann do better
since this semester getting tougher i need just not study hard but geting harder n super duper hard....sampai gle2 exhausted..

times getting late now..
i need to sleep
tomorrow was my first trial be a waiter..
gle gewdik nak layan custmer kat cafe hotel tuh..
how was the food???
u have any reservation here??
can i take ur order?????
mcm gedik jer...

dgn pakain yg super duper mcm gay cr pelanggan..
ber bow tie ala2 anak kucing menggedik2 mencr makan....

wat ever it is i always try to be the best...
nitey nite!!!!
wish me luck!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

million thanks to u guys..
big honert to me...


Monday, July 13, 2009

pabila KEEGOAN membelenggu diri
maka KEPOYOAN terserlah semungkin yang boleh
suke hati nak berkata apa saja

Friday, July 10, 2009

a week of lectures


class began obviously late in this day,around 2pm. first class was HTH 250 which is F & B COST CONTROL and pn. fadh was the lecturer.she is ok for me but soo fast in giving briefing about certain topic. dah la on that day tak der text book lg...note pon rongak2 here n class is HTH 280 course code for HOSPITALITY FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING. unfortunately the lecturer was not coming coz she still in her pantang. lagi 2 weeks she will come back..then BEL 311 which is english class was great!!! the lecture is young and i love the way she teaching and giving her explaination to the class..


lecture start with HTH 237 which is practical serving class!!! this the new experience for me n others. the thing that i never been experience it in whole my life. everything we learned in this class will be practically perform during my duty. this is where myself will served food n drinks to the customer that come to the Cafe Pauh de'Layang which is located at my hotel faculty. then class continue with CTU 265. Before i forgot the lecturer for the serving class is pn. linda..she is the nicest lecturer!!! continue back with CTU 265..this is agama class. as i as a culinary student, in this class students will be exposed about FOOD AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT IN ISLAM. i think that was good..btw the ustaz also nice..i love his teaching but i forgot his name...Hasbullah kot tak silap??? hehehe


this is the day where my friend and i first time entered the kitchen after two months break..the course code is HTC 250 stand for ASIAN CUISINE. this is the class where i will learning everything about asian cuisine..especially malaysian usual the lecturer is Chef Hidayat...very strict lecturer yet professional...sometimes i takot gak ngan dier bt pretending to be no no...for me he is kind n professionl..kadang2 kelakar gak dier ni....
this class held in 6 hours...


k on thursday i starting my morning with HTH 237 class....which is this class is the contribution of the serving kire teory class la..the lecture funny-en. mizan..he is ex of head of our faculty... then continue with HTC 200 class..which is ADVANCE HOTEL COOKERY.this is the class where my friend and i prepare food for customer that come to our hotel of us will be a supervisor that handle the class as well as prepare all the menu, preparation before cookig and so cuak dowh..mcm2 kene wat..


today is friday...kelas mule pkul 10..english class..nothing much to do in this class..just do some some brainstorming according to the topic given for our term paper...

yeah...first week of the third sem already done..but it doesnt mean that i could face for all the following weeks..seem this sem all the subject is tougher...but i need to be more stonger than before to face each of the probs or barries that blocking me from be a better one....and success in this semester!!! oh yeah!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i need a STRENGHT

today is the second class for this third semester
the journey is still long to go

all the subjects in this sem for me is very tough
such a big deal
i'm afraid that i cant face this whole sem
kitchen classes getting tougher,
food n baverage cost control subject need a calculation
same goes with hospitality financial accounting...
i know that i really "expert" in something that related to the calculation...

i born for hate calculation..
but starting from now i need to fall in love with this kind of thing!!!!

i dont care..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

this is the time

everything messy rite now
ble nak balek penang berkemas mengalah kan sok nak raye

i packing every single thing yg i bwak
mcm bese wardrobe je byak..
my lappy pon jgn lupe n broadband also

tomorrow journey begins around 8 something
konon la awal kan..
padahal bagun lambat kot
btw i kene drop by ke uitm perak dulu
nak send barang cousin i
budak baru uitm last week registered

i hav no idea y i still not feel sleepy!!!
this is what we called simptom2 yg tak menentu apabile nak tinggal kan umah???
setelah 2 bulan honeymoon dirumah???


k la nak iron baju plak..
mcm malas jer nak tdo
nak menghabiskn sise2 idop dirumah ini..
c ya in the next post