Wednesday, September 30, 2009

kurang ajar

now im in the bel 311..
curi2 online


Sunday, September 27, 2009

week end

a week of raya will be ended by this evening
due to my journey to going back Penang
i feel like whole past one week happen like all of sudden raya breaks already finished..
what can i do..just being positive

after this a lot of thing that i need to do, to finish up everything that i need to submit
and work hard on studying and revisioning...
dah tu raya nie langsung tak bukak buku..i mean do my accounting exercise
harapan la kalu raye nak bukak buku kan...

after three weeks lecture i need to seat for my final exam for this third sem..
such a big deal huh???
study n study...pray to the god..
OMG!!! my head will be turned messy.. ya tak kire mase
time tu lah nak poyo2 plus gedik2 wat study group la ape la..
hahhahaah..last minute study kan..
this is what actualy happen when it comes to final exam..
mang kompem sgt...sume students do the same things..

ermm.... i gonna miss my home again mcm tak puas dok umah..
my fasting this year got one day only at home...
and more desperate i break fast pon kat jusco bukan kat rumah.
coz on that time im do with my last minute shopping raya..
best part on that time i got my own Crocs!!!!!
batak disitu sekijap k..

harap jealous :D
MY fancy silver coloured Crocs

evrything..all my stuff still unpacking..malas doe nak kemas
now around 7 0'clock n i didnt sleep whole last nite.
gle tak ngantok... n kompem after this mesti pedih2 mate.
k la after this i need to packed evrything..
n now sgt ngantok..

n for the last im so sorry to all my fren yg nak dtg umah i tapi i tak der kat umah..
n i tak dpt join our alumni convoi
insyaallah nex time bebeh!!!
tetibe jer..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

raya raya, here n there

hows u all punyer raye???
ok..???? btw since raye masuk hari yg ke 4 i sj jer nak blogging pasal raye..
nothing much to say bout this year festive..raye bese2 jer as usual..
first day, went to masjid to perform solat sunat eid ul fitr..
then visited my uncle n my grandpa grave..this is my first time, not only me but my whole family celebrating raya without my grandpa which is father to my dad..
usually i just visited my uncle grave but this year we got couple and the sadness become double when whole family flashback memory bout raya with grandpa...
totally sad i know..n when i look at my grandma face, she looks like to crying but she not.. she pretend to be strong to face this thing...
the past let be gone... moge roh atok ditempatkan bersamam mereka yg beriman..

ok cukup menyamph gambar ni..;D

im wearing purple baju melayu on that day.. n whole family wore the same color!!!! yeehhaaa..
many people come to our usual lot of children coming..soo crowded ok!!!
on that day my family planned to visit all my father family members...
because al of them live in the same village as like us..huhhuhuuh
nothing much happen...

samat rayer

basikal tua

sumpah gedik

yer bag LV nih!!!

second day, we r wearing orange!!!! our garment all in orange.. bak kate adik, ala- ala oren asam boi.....hahhahahaha..
pagi je lepas bersiap..kitorang bantai kawsn umah untuk photography session..huhu
gle menggedik ..serius tak tipu..
then going back to kampung my mum.. kampung tersebut sgt tidak jauh dan ianya didlam daerah yg same n bersebelahan dgn kg yang sy tinggal sekarang..hhaahahaha
dekat jer actually...
then teruskan raye ke rumah2 cousin..aunty..

all of these are actually that my family do when ary raye..
there is nothing yang menarik gle2 sgt..
just bese jer..

k la im waiting for tomorrw what will happn..
whether going out for continue raya or just staying at home..
c ya bebeyh.. take care

Sunday, September 20, 2009

raya dedication

wanna wishing all of you SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!!

for those who are sent me a message or watsoever..
im so sory coz my phone going crazy.
dunno y....

k take care everybdy..
may god bless all of you..


Friday, September 18, 2009

going back for RAYA !!!!

YEAY!!! going back for raya tonight...
if i know Bel class will cancel this morning
i can going back earlier...
everything happened already kan...
fortunately i need go to campus this morning to submit my group assignment since i forgot to do so..actually i done with this particular assgnment.....

badly, i so much focus on my term paper which is need to be submit before this thursday and forget about the asgment that need to be submitted before we r going back for raya break.....
i create the problem, so i need to solve it....

done with packing stuff..
cant wait for going backk...

time to sleep...
waiting for raya..

Sunday, September 13, 2009


very bz week n totally exhausted with a pail of work n sort of things....
im done with all those things that i actually hate to do like being as a Chef of the Day and also as a Supervisor of the day.. it is not that i totally hate but such a big responsibility to me to manage everything become smooth n done with full of successes..
alhamdulillah i can manage it.. lets think on the positive spectrum, when i put myself on those things means i take it as a challenge, it will make myself always on discipline and always work hard on that particular thing... that was good for me n make me ready in whatever situation that i should face on.. especially when on 1 disember i will go for my Industrial Training or known as practical..yes the real practical!!!! which means i will enter the real industry.. for the practical i need to submit the resume first and i choose center zone for doing my practical..
i choose Putrajaya as my first choice and Sepang as my second choice..i heard that my resume will be sent to Shangri-la hotel in Putrajaya..stil not in confirmation and it will be informed since the resume was thankful if could get there..

i feel really super duper exhausted, tired, sleepy, lazy n all the bad feeling to go through this last week before going back for raya...
i cant wait to going my family members, my be loved parents n all my friends..
and im not sure whether i can for shopping or not...this what i really worried la..just want to buy a few things for my raya..
baju melayu i got ready before fasting month start...
i will going back on septmber 18..but on that morning i need to attend my bel class even some of my friend going back on that day....its include my housemate!!!! arrgghh.... it will be around 7-8 peop on that class...watever it is just attend to the class and not be wasting my time and it worth!!!
padahal gle sedih lambat blek sikit dr member len...

5.12 right now!!! time to sahur...cant wait to going back...
then continue do my revision for CTU subject then go sleep...hahhaha..
sleep n sleep till die...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

once again

gambar tak der kene mengena ngan entry
tapi ianya melambangkan kesedihan
= boleh la

my lappy system was halted..


maybe being ages im not available for on9

until going back to my hometown for raya..

nak baleeekk..