Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lone ranger. do I ??

This is something that I do can accept
But my soul said something totally differ
I just wanna be strong, and stronger than you

Ayah I can't.. I can't stand this
It does not mean that I hate to be here
I'm so thankful because of your support
What ever that you are do for me is just for a sake of my goodness
Yes I know

But this is something that I can agree because you never asking for a opinion from my side
This is some thing breaking the rule.. my privacy

I just really hope that everything gonna be fine
I do this just for you even it hurt my soul
But till when I can bear with it??

It is totally disturbing me

God shows the reason
And I know every thing happen for a reason

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tribal pattern fever

currently all fashionista getting crazy with the tribal pattern
this is what I see la

awww mak pon suke nyah!!
I also do fall in love with them since I saw Yuna's style

Much much inspiring

I pon gigih nak jugaaaaakkk :P

siap kuku bagai kan

this is what I got when entered the TOPMAN outlet.. First love at Sunway branch but I bought it at One Utama :P

wore this at MASIF Event at KLCC yesterday :P
abaikan lemak sekeliling tau :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Homesick and how I get my URL link names

Did you guys know what is homesick is all about??

I do refer for myself ya.. For me homesick is a kind of weird feeling once you are getting far far away from your home which is the place that you get used with it..

The place that you guys having breakfast, lunch and dinner together with family
The place that you guys having a play together
The place that you guys sleeping together
The place that you guys taking a bath together... erkk??

And all of sudden your life that you used with those before was changed

How was your feeling?? Kinda weird?? Odd or awkward??
You guys annoyed with those feeling??

yes I DO!!!

Feel like dumb ass you know!!

Honestly before I enrol myself in National Service I never separate and go far away from my parents for a long period of time..

I never go to any camping that held in school, never join those programme that needs me separate from my family.. I don't know why people.. I know it just my feeling but I can't control that..

The very very best part is when my friend told me that my name was in the list to attend the National Service in 2008. I was like I need to do thisssss??!!!

Starting from that I do always feel scared..
Ya because I never get used with a new thing..

But once I do enter the NS.. attend to many classes, mix around with people that from different races, do a lot physical training and naahhh

I enjoyed each second of time and start from that I do build my self esteem..
I always talk to myself to be a confident and very positive person..

So now you know where I got my link right?? hehehhe

I'm still holding this two word until now
Until I registered myself in UITM Penang
I feel so strong and brave enough to face all the barriers

Basically I do write this because of my unstable feeling towards the day of degree
I feel like at my first day of diploma right now

I need to remember those experience that thought me how to overcome this


If I can, You guys also can

Good Luck guys for those will continuing studies

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cruelty towards animal

i think this is the very big news this morning since I saw some of my friends do posting up about this at their facebook wall..

Some of bloggers to do same thing too like Kak SUE ANNA JOE

the news is all about the cats!! kesian wei kucing tak di bagi makan minum selama seminggu!!
kite syok raye makan sini sane itu ini tapi kucing kucing yang dipertanggungjwabkan untuk dijaga tapi tak dijaga based on what their cater!!!

poyo jer.. janji manis bak menanam tebu di tepi bibir!! ewahh hehehe

last last haram mampos kucing kucing tuh!! mane responsibility??

ni antare senarai janji manis yang diberi kan. I nak open up PETKNODES web nak baca sendiri tapi tak leh plak.. ni i amek dari Kak Sueanna joe punyer yer...

Q: What else does my cat get when boarded at your boarding centre?

Your cat will be monitored by our dedicated and experienced staff 24 hours per day. So you can have our assurance that your cat is always around us as your assigned caretaker. Our boarding centre is also equipped with surveillance camera for additional security purposes. We also have 3 units of air purifier installed for additional air circulation and to kill germs and bacteria and we are using germicidal bulbs for double protection to kill viruses.

Q: What is your opening hour?

Our center operates 24/7 and we accept customers for admission or collection from 11AM until 8PM daily.

Q: What will happen with the uncollected cats?

We are very serious when it comes to abandonment cases. If it happens that you refuse to collect your cat two weeks after the agreed end date of boarding service agreement and no contact has been received from you, we will send the cat to your home address. If you refuse to accept, we shall reserve the right with any applicable law to seek for legal advice for further actions. Please keep in mind that we STRONGLY DISAGREE with this irresponsible act and you will be held liable for any legal

Ni janji paling tahap kencing manis!!

The caretaker is always aroundWhy leaving your cat in a boarding cattery whose owner spends the holiday too? We spend the holiday with your cat. With us, your cat will never be left unattended, Guaranteed!

Spend holiday bersama kucing kucing konon !!! tauke dapat untung terus bute, lupe tanggungjawab !!
elok sangat kalau di ambil tindakan.. kalau spend time 24/7 takkan kucing tuh boleh dehydrate ape semua..

semua pemilik kucing nak datang ambil kucing diorang pon kene pecah masuk ke dalam pusat jagaan..

Ni antara video semasa operasi menyelamat kucing dan memecah masuk pusat jagaan


Sunday, September 4, 2011

this is the time

The time that I wait is just around the corner. Degree time!!! OMG OMG OMG

seperti yang diketahui yer aku dapat sambung ke degree dalam Sains Pengurusan Seni Kulinari..

This is the thing that I did not expect.. this is not under my expectation.. I just love to going with the flowww~~ wooooweeee!!

kau hingat senang nak belajar.. kalau senang takkan lah aku dapat dekan sekali jer kan.. pape pon aku bersyukur sebab dah sampai kat tahap ni dah..

degree weii degree!!! aku malas nak masuk belajar.. bukan malas belajar tetapi malas sebab terlalu lame cuti..

entah entah nak menulis pon tak ingat macam ner dah.. ok itu melampau
owh-otak-lemak-tepu-lemak-badan cair lah cepat +_+

aku mengharapkan sesuatu yang lebih baik time degree nih!!!

arah tuju selepas ini?? owh no
still not clear!! wake up wake up

takkan lepas degree kawen kot... nanti nak makan ape?? pasir??
kalau boleh telan lah..


tempat baru. rakan baru, lecturer baru, suasana baru, bangunan baru
ahhh semua baru

baju seluar semua kene baru!!!
semua tak muat dahh!! weii seriously!!

ape ape pon pengharapan yang lebih baik akan berlaku dan kurang kurang kan lah menyetan hahaha!!!

adakah pasti?? :P

owh yer convocation on 27 October!! and 28 October is my dad and my birthdaaaaayyy!!!
ayah nah i bagi hadiah special punyer!!!