Sunday, January 1, 2012

Engagement Cupcakes

This is my first ever making a cupcakes for my friend's sister. Eh bukan I yang bertunang. :P

He asking me to do cupcakes which green in theme and i just do it with my flow.
I loveeee to going with the flow.
but i end up with this final product.

I just satisfy with what i'm doing since this is my first time to take order for cupcakes.
I know i can do better than this. the idea just come up suddenly..

what cross in my mind i will do based on it. The cookies, the colour and design is very on the spot.
In my way to decor them, tetibe time tu la cookies for wording patah..
I didn't do extra since I very lazy to do so... hahahhah (pemalas tak hingat)


see the cracks kat word bertunang tuhh.. grrrr !!

hope bakal tunangan suke dgn cupcakes kehijauan taman ini !!

ehh before this I penah jugak buat birthday cakes untuk my twin cousin with ANGRY BIRD THEME.. how is it??

looks angry enough huh??

I just want to practice my talent.. owh perhaps i can build up my business which still in plan :P
ehem.. kot kot lepas ni ade yang nak tempah ke?? :)


Aurora Ahtila said...

nice!! anywhere, plz follow me @ my weblog too just click tq

nasha sanza said...

the look cute no angry...

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

@nasha looks cute enough? ahhaha