Sunday, September 23, 2012

YUNA Raya Oh Yeah

Yuna's mother on the right side with my cousin Nazirul

With Diandra Arjunaidi

Yuna's Smile Booth

this is what I'm wearing 

This event is very so yesterday. It was held at Tropicana Golf Club. I Just wanna share some pictures.
Thanks to KSMY because inviting me. Thank to Aunty Anum who is Yuna's mother to let us come to the rumah terbuka. The food all are awesome !!! Syukur. And Dina have a good skill in emcee-ing !

Meet bunch of peoples and glad to meet Yuna agaiiiin !! Yeay

See you at Urbanscape

here for you guys :P

Cupcakes Challenge, VOTE FOR ME !!

Here my cupcakes !!!
This is for Celcom Cupcakes Challenge
You can count the vote for me !!

1. Go to the this page and like that page

2. Click the cupcake challenge, and find the gallery

3. Go to the page 77 and do like my cuppycake !!

This is my cuppyyy !! 
Vote by 23 SEPTEMBER 2012 before 11.59 pm :P

Picture by KhodijahAmin 

Now In Malaysia

As we know H&M grand opening was held yesterday morning at LOT 10 Bukit Bintang.
Luckily I'm not the one who can attend that event. For sure will be sweating like a pig !!
Some said and I do heard that they need to queue up before enter that building. hehehe

What I like about H&M is their price range of each item !!! Too affordable as compare with any branded item like Zara and Uniqlo, plus teir design is very up to date !! Makes me screaaaaam !
I do love their website as we can do mix and match at the virtual dressing room !
Tak dapat pergi dan beli, main main pon jadi laa.

Here is my most favourite item when I do browsing in their web.
 Something that TO DIE FORRRR !

The bright orange coat 

This one very affordable and I'm always
love this kind of shoes

the boots

Red brick color

Currently addicted with emerald green

Those are some of my fav !! Can't wait to visit the store. Hope more wide range of garments
and accessories !! Select something which very practical and can mix and match. Lolng term investment. yeah ! Orgasm LOL

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hey people !! Konon entry tajuk breaks kan. Padahal nak abes cuti semester yg awesome mosem ni dah. Next week masuk sem baru, sem 5 you guysss !! Then degree nak abes dah.

Pastu ape nak buat? kawen. #ehh

 I'm having a great week. I mean this week. Kawan jauh dtg rumah bertandang mengeratkan silaturahim.

Ehh rase mcm last month berjumpa berkali kali. haha
 Dapat lah diorg tgk perkampungan org asli asal usul ku.
Owh dapat lah rasa laksa banjir ikan di tepian pinggan

 Btw for Malaysians,


semua tepian, luar dalam rumah deme meneroka

Abang playing with my snowbell

makan nasi ke makan ape?? haha

hope guys enjoy on what I have been serve. Ceyh ayat hospitality sangaaaat. haha

BTW now I'm in Malacca having my vacay with my parents. :P

what a great time yawws. till then.

*rase mcm ayat keling since been ages didn't do posting*