Monday, November 29, 2010

Langkawi wee wee

as u know people, i will do my internship in Langkawi!!!
tomorrow is the day..
nervous?? blur?? ah sort of feeling..
put those aside and focus focus :P

the placement is at the Westin Hotel which is in Kuah!!
what makes myself so excited is not because the internship
but the place!!

SEE how cantek my placement !!!

now i only thinks about shopping, chocolate, heavenly places and and many more!!!

and yeah those only some of the plans that i need to achieved.
internship it is still remain as internship!!

gain so much knowledge as i can okeyh!!
hope my friend and i are doin well there..
and there is no obstacle during our journey tomorrow and hope safely goin back!!!

owh ye! not to forget that i still owe something with Uitm..
i'm still not done with the fruit carving competition..
god willing, around 15 or 16 i will came back to uitm and attend the competition on 18 December 2010..


let's do packing stuff people!! i sangat malas mau packing !

Friday, November 26, 2010


was delayed due to the death of one of the former minister of Penang

The competition will be held on 18 December which is during my intership :P

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Randomness - International Cuisine Class (Final Project)

yeah.. tetibe jer =_=

International Cuisine is the subject where we learn and exposed with any cuisine from other country such as New Zealand, Italy, Middle East and so on..

this is one of 8 subject that is compulsory to take as a culinarian. ngee..
this is were we can learn how to cooked that different kind cuisine from different countries, the history of the food, the authenticity of the food and so on..
best part is mestilah makan kan!!

evry person in the class will be incharge as a chef of the day evry week with different country that they need to perform..
such a great experience to learn others country cuisine, their staple food, their culture, region and many more..

And the final week is the best and climax for this subject!!! not only for us.. but for all final year students of diploma culinary art..

in this particular event we need to work as a team member together with another class.. and both class will be divide into two groups.. one group for work in the kitchen to prepare food and another one work as a banquet service !!!

The chef of the day and supervisor of the day had been prepared all the menu and plans many thing a few weeks ago before the remaining day..

and i was incharged in the kitchen as a Sous Chef for the soups... and i work with the beautiful young lady.. Nasha !!! we was asked to prepare mise en place for 4 types of soup which are Harira soup, Egg Drop soups, Tomyam and French onion soup.. and yeah !!! we made it..

and my egg drop soup is sangat laku!!!

owh ye the theme of the night is MASQUERADE :p

here some picture from the event !!
all the pictures is taken by the goddess SAFINAZ YAZED :)

variation of sushi :P

the fruit platter :P

selection of cold cuts and seafood items :P

during mise en place to prepare Harira soup :P

some of the fruit carving for a display:P

yummy :P

selection pf pasta with sauce :P
ok terkecur air liur ketika menaip-hingga-basah-keyboard..
ok JIJIK..

Some of the dessert :P

org kuat nih.. Chef Fauzan and Chef Shafik..
owh ice carving pon nak mencapap yer =_=

amboi enjoy sakan lecturers lecturers :P

the mc for the night Miss Atiyah and Mr. Ashraff :P
gandingan mantap...

owh org org ini tidak kuat, tapi bila kerjasama bersama sama semua jadi mudah!!!!

Congrates people!! we made it!!!
this is a such great event that perhaps we could not forget it...
good job to you guys hope what we r doin will be our strength to face the next internship yeah~~

Randomness - The Classical Pastry class

This is my most favourite class suring my 5th semester..
kelas yang paling aku suke and ternanti nanti tiap minggu
dan dan dan aku sangat super duper excited kalau buat projek projek pastry baru :P

SUKE gile !!!

sepanjang kelas ni banyak bende yg aku belajar.. and based from that there are 4 projects that
we need to settle up in short period of time !!!
seriously commitment among the team members is really important

antara projek yang kami sekumpulan buat adelah Clock Tower Bread, Dessert Plating, Wedding Cake Pastillage and and Chocolate box!!!

1. The MEGA Clock Tower
This is bread base that usually made for a display or centerpiece in the buffet and so on. It is not for eating yer~~ JUST A DISPLAY

Amboi riang ria raye.. ingat kau buat biskut raye ker??

ok inilah biskut raye yg riang ria si raye buat !! eh tak.. ni adelah all the thing that we need to build up the clock.. from the bread dough, we shape it in what ever shape we want.. then baked in oven around 180*..

ah kau lagi !! muke-nak-tak-boleh-belah-mintak-penampar..
ok sila tampar :P

after we painted it and let them dry, the assemble session begins!!!
then TADA !!!~~~~~

2. Dessert Plating

This is where we learn how to plan a one fine dining dessert plating. On that day we serve the cheese cake and decoration is base from our own design and idea.

ok this is mine~~
pose is harus katenyer~~

Asyikin's desert cheese cake with kiwi coulis :P yummy

this is mine and the cheese cake decorate with strawberry coulis :P
ok sila lah terliur.. ok sy tak tipu ia memng sedap .. mau mau??

3. Wedding Cake Pastillage

This is one of the project that we can't wait !!! This is my favourite.. It is totally hard to do and yeah not that easy =_= ..
We managed to made it though

This is our wedding cake!! this is not what actually we are plan..
it is nice though !! suke suke suke!!!
we all just come in many types of flower than mix and match during assemble those bloody thing..
Bak kate Chef Amin :P

Sila abaikan patung kahwin yg menari nari ditepian kek =_=
plan nak letak on the top of the cake then Chef kate.. "ini bukan patung pastillage, markah akan ditolak" okeyh kami tak letak. hahahha

so kami buatkan lah baju ala ala Bernard Chandran kat patung tuh :P

4. The Chocolate Box

hahahahhaha This is so YUMMY~~~ The best part is i eat chocolate more rather than do the project !!!! hahhahahaha

this is Asyikin's chocolate box

OK this is mine~~!!

I can't forget all the experience that i get !!!
thanks to all of guys to make them real!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

All my guts are shaking =_=

apakah bergoyang dansa segala isi perut =_=

owh tidak !! maksud saya, saya nervous gile..

MUET is tomorrow morning and and and surprisingly final examination is on the next day !!!
owh yeah ini yg perlu kita dansa jimba jimba !!! surprise tak surprise tak !!

dan saya tak abes study lagi !! LAW oii law !!!
seriously law is not my food !! walaupon saya tukang makan yg sangt tegar dan rakus ..
ok isi perut goyang goyang dansa lagi !!

ah study kau !! meh LAW ku syg meh singgah =_=

lihat betapa kuatnye penangan law :P

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

practice makes perfect

did you believe that if you want to do something you are not expertise in,
you can be expert on that?? owh yeah.. but it must be start with practicing!!

Currently I'm doing practice fruit carving.
I still new in this..and lot need to improve..
actually I'm doing this for one competition that held on 28 November 2010
at Batu Feringghi Beach..

This is for Penang Beach Carnival 2010
Everybody are invited to come and there is a lot of activities will be organized

and past few weeks my friend and I and also all the contestant are invited to come to the press conference at Eastin Hotel Penang

Amin and Acap :P

okeyh !! this is poyo ~~ kinda make a fake discussion

This is my first experience involved in this kind of competition and attend this such event

here some pic of my hand work

i need more practice and practice!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Langkawi wee wee wee ~~

see how excited I am !!
starting from the next month my friends which are Ekin, Husna, Ashraff, Jafni and Shafiq
and I will do our internship at Westin Hotel Langkawi !!!
We got the placement together.

We've planned to go there together with Air Asia !!
hell yeah !! I've booked for them !! and the budget hotel also
4 for us only fly together from LCCT
for girls they are fly from Penang International Airport with MAS

the itinerary :P

our budget hotel room booked !!

Hope we can faced and fixed all the challenges and also obstacles
during our internship!~~

Good luck and take care to my batch !!!


till then.. c ya

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the memory

one of my friend, yeah i mean my sister in PLKN just tagged me a one picture that i don't have

and yeah i feel like wth??? mcm kurus jer aku
okwyh~~ MACAM KURUS yerr...

bukan kurus

she is Raihan Zainal and now she is in Melbourne, Australia to continuing her study
Miss her so much and thank you for calling me just past few days straight away from aussie..
good luck my dear

Cotton On

saya suke Cotton On
anda suke?? SAYA SUKE~~~

Lihat ini... Motif nak tunjuk ini sahaja

nak tunjuk the model wearing the same design of the cardigan..

Motif sangat kan :P

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


kepada Khairul Mahzan Mohzaini terima kasih atas feedback anda yer terhadap
entri dibawah ini..

dan kau juga telah mengata aku di blog kau
aku post kat sini jer lah pasal kau
tak leh komen blog kau... GO FIXED IT!!

meh aku promote blog kau

kawan kawan check it out yer~~

Gaya Hidup Sehat Amalan Mulia

Eceh entri bagai talk show dalam Wanita Hari Ini
paling tidak pon mcm kat dlm Nona.. eh!! I peminat setia Nona tau
dari zaman anak kecil lagi.. okeyh saya tipu =_=

Nak jugak letak gambar yg menggambarkan gambaran cara hidup sehat
banyak gile word gambar! So berdasarkan gambar, owh ye gambar lagi.. dan gambar ini.. dan gambar.. LAGI!! OKEYH cukup... =_=

berdasarkan gambar tersebut (gambar lg) dah ternyata memberi pelbagai maksud tentang makne Gaya Hidup Sehat Anda Buat Anda Dapat eh tak Gaya Hidup Sehat Amalan Mulia

Kualiti hidup sehat ini bergantung kepada individu.. Cara pemakanan, cara mengawal stress, dan corak hidup juga antara faktor yg mempengaruhi cara hidup sehat.
Sehat ini merupakan nikmat yg sering kita lalai.. walhal kita juga tak menghargainya..
Jaga lah nikmat kesihatan ini sebaik mungkin bagi mengelakkan hidup kite menjadi tidak tentu arah..

Berbalik pada objek diatas.. Ianya lengkap dgn pelbagai msj.. Ianya satu gambaran lengkap tentang cara hidup sehat..

jap jap

Aku terasa seperti pakar nutrisi, tak pon pakar psychology pulak =_=

So untuk menjadikan diri anda sentiasa sehat marilah membuat anjakan dan mengorak langkah kehadapan kerah gaya hidup yg lebih bermakna!!!

SEPERTI SAYA!!! Saya telah bangun pagi.. maksud sy seawal pagi dan bermula lah regim jogging saya wah regim ye kawan-kawan.. REGIM !! kira regim ni macam aktiviti lah..

Saya dan Ashraff telah berjoging dan berjalan dr sekeliling taman dihadapan kawasan rumah dan berjoging ke Jusco Perda.. bukan ntuk shopping tapi saje jer~~ hahahha

dan sebenarnyer niat nak bayar bil air dan api.. hahhahaha
ok tak???
kitorg je mampu berjoging sambil membayar bil.. org lain tak mampu.. anda MAMPU??

OWH YE... kerohanian juga tak boleh di lupe yer untuk menjamin kesihatan yg hakiki.. wah suci.. hakiki katenyer.. terisi lah sikit jiwa ini dgn unsur unsur rohani..
terang sikit hati ini.. tak lah gelap jer~~~ musim musim exam nih elok kan..
hahhahahha.. alang2 otak segar dgn udara segar, kite isi sekali dgn rohani hati kita ni..