Thursday, February 2, 2012

precious moment with them

HEY HEY HEY guysss!!
watcha doin evrybody? doin fine huh?

now this is the time that I need to confront with you guys about something.
This is very unplanned moment where I met with them exclusively.
How I can expecting that?? The thing happen so fast !

aku cakap pasal sape ni? who are they?

YEAH. after the AJL 26 finished. I do not know what to do.
my friend and I went out from the stadium and going to our car.
Luckily Ramadhan do calling me and asking us to lepak-ing at mamak

During our way to mamak, *yeah the road is full by car*
I got a miscall from KSMY admin which is Shah. Just a short miscall
I thought was nothing but then a few second afterwards I got a text from him.
He said "kalau nak jumpe Yuna sila tunggu ditapak kita ambil tiket tadi"
At first mcm tak yah la patah balek..

Then my mind become more realistic and manageable hahhaha !
"Ape kate kite patah balek then why not jumpa Yuna ? SEMPAT KOT"
padahal during that time tgh makn nasi goreng ! makan laju laju then blaaaah

When we arrive back to the stadium and go to the exact place that I collect the ticket
But I can't see them around. I do calling Shah again and finally I saw him.
Straight away I do walk to get him and he asking me

SHAH : " tak nak jumpa Yuna ke? "

ME: " MANE? "

SHAH: " tu haaaa ape dieeee !!! cepat ! "

I shocked !!! Yuna was in front of me. How come I can't see her !! ahhahahaha
I said Omg to Yuna then she repeat again with her cuteness style !!! arghhh

dream come true bebeyh!

there is also have QI and Aunty Kunum *Yuna's mother
and one guy I think Yuna's father.

then ape lagi tangkap gambar
borak sakan

We wait them until they go back !

YEAY !! Yuna and me !
*lemak I tgh berkembang !

Together with my friend Faizal !!

the luckiest guy ! Qi !
paham paham laaaaaa

see how sweet they are

one and only !!
Aunty Anum !! GRRR
Leopard print !

what a best moment ever to begin in year of 2012 ! sweetest moment ever bebeyh !

Thanks again to KSMY to makes dream come truee !
and Shah also yang sanggup tahan Yuna sampai kitorg datang balek.

Hope to see Yuna again soon !
next week she will fly to US again.

good luck !



eszyamin said...

haha mana-mana? tu yang tak menahan tuh..upenye depan mata..rasa aku pulak yg dpt jumpa die bila ko story cmnih..hahaha

Jackson John said...

Wah, hensem jgk si Qi tu.. hoho.. Yuna pun lawa..

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

gatalnyeeee you Jack !!!