Saturday, December 25, 2010

almost a month

yeah i can't resist that i'm almost a month here in Langkawi...
everything going smoothly without any doubt and again i did not realize the time changing

many things happened
sometimes it happen and i feel that i can't bear but i always manage to deal with it calmly..
yeah i made it.

i know i do stress.. stress ker?? not at all..
evrything goes here is my choice and i put it as my experience
so grab the chance and enjoy the each moment :P:P

ecececeh positive thinker katenyer~~

yeah sometimes it works!!

talking bout my last week competition. i can't still believe that our UITMPP group won the 1st and 2nd place!!

and and latest!!! i got the clear picture from Ainun's facebook...
picture of my fruit carving and the food!!!!

wah i rindu rindu rindu!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

yes we made it !!

there is no word that can explained my feeling regarding to the yesterday event
lets the photo tellin you guys how much i'm excited and wowed once the MC told us that UITMPP Culinary Team win for the second and the first place!!!

and and my group won for the first place !!!!
it is worth it.. after one by one obstacle comes then it is paid off !!!

Finally i do something for my lovely UITMPP
this is my target and yeah i made it together with all my friends..

this is the best moment ever that i can't forge and should not be fade
i was like want to cry during do write this entry!!
really touch me and i can believe that i hold the GOLD MEDAL !!!!!



how happy i am :)

we did it for UITMPP !!!





There is more photos on my friend facebook.. this is just some

Lastly i wanna thanks to our lecturers, friends, team members, family, and all people wo is directly ad indirectly lend their hands to make this dream comes true..!!!!


" these what i hold the two O : Obstacle and Opportunity !! the you will see the sunshine at the ends "

Saturday, December 18, 2010


”Eastin Challenge Trophy Cooking Competition”

Sempena program ”Penang Beach Carnival 2010”, program ”Eastin Challenge Trophy Cooking Competition” dan pertandingan ”Mr Beach Carnival 2010” yang bakal dianjurkan di persisiran pantai Golden Sand Resort di Batu Ferringhi pada 28 November 2010 TELAH DITUNDA ke hari Sabtu, 18 Dis 2010 sebagai tanda penghormatan kepada mendiang Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu dan keluarga mendiang. Segala kesulitan amat dikesali.

Setinggi-tinggi terima kasih kepada pihak Eastin Hotel Penang kerana dengan murah hati berkerjasama dengan Kerajaaan Negeri menaja pertandingan memasak. Terima kasih juga diucapkan kepada Petronas Dagangan Berhad kerana turut serta menaja gas masakan pada hari pertandingan.

Program ini dapat mencungkil bakat yang ada pada orang muda kita kerana pertandingan ini telah mendapat sambutan yang memberangsangkan dari institusi pengajian tinggi. Kriteria untuk para peserta layak digelar juara pertandingan ini agak tinggi. Melalui ini akan lahir junior chefs yang berbakat.

Pada hari Sabtu, 18 Disember 2010 ini, saksikan 54 chef muda bertanding dari segi masakan [cooking] dan ”carving”. Para peserta akan dibahagikan kepada tiga kumpulan dimana setiap kumpulan akan diberi masa 2 jam untuk bertanding. Oleh itu, pertandingan ini akan bermula dari jam 11 pagi dan diakhiri dengan majlis penyampaian hadiah pada jam 6.30 petang.

Semua rakyat Pulau Pinang dijemput untuk sama-sama memeriahkan program ”Penang Beach Carnival 2010”.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


yeah i will going back to Penang this morning :)
blessed!!! cuti 4 hari.. tak yah nak pergi hotel keje
hahahhahah :P

there still have some owe to the UITM dihatiku..
the competition is on Saturday and yeah i do make it !!1

hope evrything gonna be fine :P

p/s: tak sabar nak naik Fireflyz

the chance

hell yeah
internship killing me bebeyh!!!
eceh konon2 letih sangat lah..

now i want telling you those three pictures that i uploaded
actually i and my friend Ekin, Husna and Shafik having a same off day work!!
yeay!! and and we do planned to have a whole day trip around LANGKAWI !!
we all sewa kereta and start the journey!!

Havin a great breakfast in Kuah.. Roti Kahwin :) sedap !!!

First place that we visit is Mahsuri Mouseleum
unfortunately hujan on that day.. but but but we still take the mood on to enjoy that day..

Mahsuri Pandak Mayah

Menuju ke telaga untuk bersiram.. Bagi mendapatkan keserian wajah marilah sama mandi di tepian perigi Mahsuri.. dan ye ia sangat mujarab.. muke saya semakin flawless...


after that we are going to GALERIA PERDANA
This is place where all present and gift belong to our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhamad..
All the gift are given from other important person, appreciation from others and many more.. this is the place where i took those three gediks pictures !! hahahahha

eh ini bukan hadiah yg Tun dapat... ini gedik kot :P

kami suka beliau :)

okeyh kami ingat ini pintu masuk but its not okeyh :P MALU

SEE the beautiful ceiling

actually diorg letih dah layan i :P

cukup cukup la gambar kau wey :P

all the thingy inside this building was amazed me !!!
i love all the painting.. and thats why i do ove take pictures with all the painting..

okay next pit stop is PANTAI CENANG !!!!
LOVELY place to visit !!! dah mcm Phuket
all mat saleh wallk around here and there.. many stalls side of the road which are sold many items.. food stall and WOW !!! It's awesome..

we are not having much time at this but we decided to go to Awana Porto Malai to see the beautiful scenery :P

amboi mak limah manisnye punggung.. :P
hahahhaha.. bodoh

yeah !! we are just covered a few percent of this legend island...
we still have a chance to explore again.. another 16 weeks left !!!!
Langkawi will be in our hand !!!

till then peeps :P

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

owh owh no.. surely i will updating my bloggie..
kinda tired little bit since doin my internship
sabaq naaa..