Monday, November 30, 2009

the day

tomorrow is the day...
my first day industrial training at Putrajaya Shangri-La
what would gonna be happen??
just wait n see ya...
update soon..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

an interview

on last monday i'm headed to Putrajaya Shangri-La hotel
to attend one interview for my industrial training

there is nothing much la..
usually people think that in interview
the interviewer will ask many question
whether general knowledge or even about the hotel itself..

fortunately diorg just give simple briefing pasal shift and everything..
then give us chance ask a few question..
thank god!!!

ingat nak tanyer like..
how many Shangri-La have their branches all over the world???
mati aku..

yang i ngan faizal plak dlm kete otw ker Shangri-La yoyoo jer
dok memorising name2 restaurant dlm hotel tuh..
jumlah bilik..
name2 suite..
suite parkview la,
hillview la..
presidential suite la...

this is the visitor pass...ahaks..

get ready and be ready

Human Resource area

i sangat tertarik dengan statement2 disini
enlarge this pic to read

after the interview we all jln2 kat putrajaya..
and decide to lunch kat alamanda...u

ok!!! i bg chance untuk mereka
menjadi duta sementara

ok sy nampak sangat tak sabo

then terus anta jeff, iffan and faizal blek..
luckily we got the same place for our industrial training..
after this kene la lebih usaha untuk bekerja..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

hang out here and there

yesterday such a greatest hang out ever that we have done guys!!!!

best gile..
around 10 a.m kite start our journey
having breakfast..
then straight away to pulau..

pas anta saffanah p jetty
g ker quennsbay....
drop by each shop..
shopping lil bit... depe yg shopping i tak der...

ditepian laut berhadapan ngan Queensbay

mereleasekan tension dgn bertapa--cubalah!!!

the terus ker feringghi..
jln2 kat pantai.
lepakk2 blakng hard rock hotel..

the newest Hard Rock Hotel in Penang

bersantai ditepian...haahhaa

makan2... ini perkara wajib
then straight away to gurney plaza..
semate niat nak mkn A&W..
then took picture again and again..

we all addicted to A&W

went back to feringghi again to jln2 at night market!!!
find some stuff..
gle wei..
jaln tak berenti..

evrything settle..
mkan lagi n mkn..

then decide to going back to mainland...
gile lagi crazy..

before that the most craziest thing we do is time nak cr tempat solat isya
ntah jln2 mane2 nak cr surau or masjid but kunci
yela around 2.30 am saoe jer lagi yg nak p masjid kan..

lastly tersasar ker airport penang
and performed solat isya there...

ni idea i la ni..
then blek siap stop kat tgh jambatan..
dok snap snap pic mcm org gile..
menjerit2 n bergelak tawe.

sampai je kat mainland jln2 lagi kat bandar Perda n makan lagi kat
bedal roti naan cheese..
4 pagi sampai umah.
n then i bagun around 6 ptg..

penat berjlan...

to you guys thanks a lot to make it happen
i think this is the best hang out yg pernah kite ader..
gile menggile sesame kiter
sebelum kite menggile on our prctical industrial next semester.

p/s: got more pictures in asyikin's mobile. these are just a few

Friday, November 6, 2009

done and let it go

the thing that i scared was went far2 away..

im done with my accounting paper.
first i look at the questions i was like
urrmm.. look easy

but then it gettin wrong n everythin put up here n there
the transaction make me confuse..
so confusing okey!!!!
i have no idea

i just goin trough till the end
never lookin back

kire tawakal n berserah je la

so far i try my best
i always try harder in watever i do

release evrything and ends up with
watching Pisau Cukur!!!!


nice movie...soo much gewdik-ness
ok la..
just for fun

i become addicted to food recently..
i think it always happen to me when final exam comin
each second i always come up in my mind
" nak makan ape erk????? "


and now im addicted with new DRUGS!!!
which is good to ur health
for those who is concerning in wat ever they eat
this the best food!!!

OAT KRUNCH by Munchy`s

i prefer the Dark Chocolate flavour
sooo yummmy~~~~~