Thursday, October 29, 2009

the BIG deal

( gambar nak yang tragik jer )

tomorrow is my final exmination for this third sem

what can i say??

im not sure whether i can facing all the tougher subject

its totally killed me u know!!!!

the carrymarks??? gosh!!! some of it not so good for me..

but in final i will do the best

just looking forward and look at the positive side

actually i wanna put a lot of story in this blog

but since final become closer i dont have any mood to type about

even i have sort of stories that i wanna telling u here

maybe after this???? for the final but not least pray for me everyone

pray for my success!!!!

For all my friends
im wishing you

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


just now..... past a few minutes...
i called my best friend who is Panot...
i talked to him on the line..
then i feel like something different about his self
and its make me awkward...seriously..

but he still remaining the same..
always ask me whether im good or not..
talking rubbish..
bitchy here and there..
such a nice moment..
i missed when we r still in secondary school...

you r so much different..
i can feel it deeply even we never met since our last outing dulu..

and thanked god u r such a good friend..
insyaallah i will take care our relationship even
i sometimes forgetting you..
i remember you but maybe kinda bz with assignment n everthing..

later on i called Hayyat bff gak..
3 of us mang extreamly rapat..
n it is obvious since our form 5..

hayyat plak touching..
die kate aku lame tak kol dier..
aku blek kg pon tak gtau...
k i admit...
that is my wrong...
but seriously i still remember n love u guys..

i know sometimes i put myself in a wrong way..
kadang2 i terlalu penting kan org yg sekeliling i jer...
but then yg lame i buang..
bukan bermaksud mcm tu..
means i kadang2 terbawak2 dengan keadaan sekeliling..

both of u so kind..

haaa.. ckp pasal kawan i tadi..
si panot tu..
k kk mesti ader yg pelik name die knape panotkan..
the real name is faiz..

berbalik cerita tadi..
i ask hayyat y he so different now..???
rupenyer die ustaz skang..

i was like thanked god...
he is ustaz now..
permanent ustaz plak tuh...
at my old school...

patot la cakap tak mcm dulu..
i jer masih jahat n menggile..

n one more thing
he can speak english well rather than me...

standing ovation pleaaaasseee....

no matter what happen,
no matter way people want separate us
i dont care

we r still friends..
n love u guys forever...

Me, Panot and Hayyat


done with all test

Accounting test = DONE
Cost control = DONE

im free from test now..
im done with accounting evening just now
for cost control im done with it on last Monday and
surprisingly i got already the mark....
gosh!!!! i got 7.5 over 15....

for me it was just ok...since im not study enough though..
i know i can do better than this..
it is ok..i will going further

for accounting...i dunnow wat im doing
i just do wat ever that i know n understand..
i tried hardly to answered all the question..
as long i give effort k..

whether it is wrong or wat so ever
im done with it...


td my sayang coming to my house
i was shocked tetibe called me kate dah kat bawah rumah
then i came down...

n personally met kakak dier td..
both of them nice...

actually my syang came to giving back my book
n konon2 nak wat surprise bagi i birthday card since my burfday next week on wednesday..
padahal i dah perasan awl2 dlm plastik bag td..

thanks syg!!! love u damn much

cukup dgn kate2 jiwang n geli..

lets continue back with Cost control assignment!!!!
only this one burden that i should going through until the end!!!
then everything extreamly done...

lets do it bebeh....
p/s: mcm tak nak tdo jer mlm nih..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

im done with it

i do confirmation my online ticket!!!!!

letih tau dak..
thanks to my dad for ur coorperation..


im wishing all the indians HAPPY DIWALI !!!!

since i dont have indians friends during secondary school
because i schooled in religious school...

miss all of u guys!!!!

take care!!!!

amber chia

i adore her..
she gorgeous
she beautiful
she got a sexy lips
n most important thing is
she is MALAYSIAN!!!!!!

i just browse something about fashion
then i tried to go VICTORIA BECKHAM fashion line..
just digging something on that web..

shocked i saw one face that i familiar which is AMBER!!!!
now she one of the Victoria model.....
u got it babe!!!!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

online booking

such give me a lot of problems..
my mum gave me permission oredy to me to going back next week but
online booking gave me such a problems...!!!

im still determine to going back.
it should not be fade!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i have no idea

realy dont know wat actually happen to myself since
i cant control my emotion
n getting lazy ass to study....

such a bad and the worst thing!!!!
thats not good okeyh...

final just around the corner..
i should plan n to do revision
but i feel like....wat the hell going on with me..
im feel messy....
cant breath..
such a burden to me..

this semester for me accounting n cost control are the tough subject..
till now i can control it..insyaallah i will bring it until seat all the paper..

i plan to going back one week before final..
really miss my parents..
evry nite i thinking about hem..
i hate this feeling..
i want go back.

discuss it later with my mom..
whether she gave me permission or not..

got to go now...
kitchen class waiting for me...

take care guys!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

web cam

after one hour and half waiting iffan kat APT for his hair cutting..
i turned to be crazy..
yerla penat tunggu dier..

i manage to do some revision for my cost control subject since
tomorrow i got a test...

then we plan to study and lepak-ing at STARBUCKS...
for that remaining time im still in mode crazy..

its PROVEN!!!!! SEEEEE.....

S stand for sex!!!!..hahahhahahaha...
(still crazy till posting this entry)

ok the best subject ever.. F & B COST CONTROL

want some more????

geram ngan uncle ini... kasi lanyak!!!!

dengan lebih kejam!!!

k enough guys..
i need to sleep now..
wish me luck k for my test tomorrow..
nitey nite people!!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

congrates, sekolah sukan

after wake up around 12 p.m
my dad called me...

ayah:wat per takder kelas ker??
aku: mane der ary sabtu cuti la..
ade ape??
ayah: saje kat shah alam ni..antar Amun g ujian nak masuk
sekolah sukan...elok ker amun masuk skolah sukan???? ok??
aku: ala kalu dah dapat bagus lah.. biar lah die blaja sendiri..
ayah: tu lah nanti dok asrama. die dah la susah nak di jage kat umah..
aku: hahahahha..tau tak per (dialog tambahan penyedap citer) terpulang la..
ayah: kire ok la yer..??
aku: ha ok la....
ayah: k la nak tanyer tu jer..tak kol ibu??? ibu kat umah aunty ader open house..
aku: blom topup.... ermmm yela bukan orang dapat g pon.....

a little bit conversation with my dad..

i just want to say to my brother..
Congrates!!! dapat masuk sekolah sukan..
kire antara ramai2 dier yg terpilih..sekurang nya dapat la
meme-proud kan family hahahhahah...
as long u study hard n gud luck for UPSR result...

Thursday, October 8, 2009


bz week..
with test, assignment that need to finish and submit before final
but i really enjoy to going through though..

big problem is getting lazy ass to study..
such a crazy..
but im enjoying each second in this sem..
love more on accounting but dunnow if i can manage it during exam
best moment is during serving class n also kitchen commercial!!!!

i dunnow this is my problem or not.
my friend and i got an issue
i dont think that matter is come up from myself
since i told her already that i dont want to join them hang out..
but its ok..
evrything gonna be find
i dont have any rights to hate them

to much things that i need to focus.
just let it go bebeh!!!

allah always love me..
He tested evrything on me to uji my iman n so on..
thanks god...

if i feel that im so weak to going through all the tested
i love to recite al-quran
it brings u the calmness..
believe in Allah..
there is a reason y allah gave something to u and what not...

i can reached the calmness since i make al-quran as my guidance
and to recite trough..

i know im not good enough..
im not the perfect one..
there is nobody perfect..
for those who r facing a lot of probems..
back to basic..
remember allah..think twice
who us for HIM

Monday, October 5, 2009

penangan Hanis Zalikha

entry yg meminjam nama orang len..hehhehehe
to Hanis Zalikha im sorry im using you name as i mention here...
im not to telling everybody that u r like that or whatsoever since i didnt know u personally..
i just want to say that last sunday u r in my dreaming!!!!

entah mcm ner si Hanis ni si canteek manis, model n pelakon kiter
menjadi part of actress in my dreaming..

in that dream, it was not so clear telling me about what..
if i not mistaken she come to one event as a model..
and a lot of people want to take picture with her as well myself..

keterujaan melanda diri pabila diri ini menghampiri secara rapat dengan si cantek manis ini..
tapi malang nyer kawan aku telah menyedarkan aku dr tido...
shiittt.. i tak sempat nak tangkap gambar ngan die..

for those nak tgk lakonan beliau sila lah tonton
beliau memegang watak sebagai anak orang bunian bernama Mawar...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

anti digital??? bad to digital

am i anti digital item ???? i dunno...
my phone cannot use rite now..
i just want to reveal here that i cant stand with all the things that related with digital..

seriously..the things happen repeatably to me..
i dunno whether this is about my careless, or all about myself dunno anything bout digital item or this is the fate to me????

let me tell u the camera, my lappy, my phone was the victims that cause by me..
gile kejam...

firstly my samsung camera... i bring along together during my plkn kat semenyih..
after perform solat maghrib i got a phone called from my chinese friend which is chan.
he said to me that my camera LCD was cracked..
i was " Wat the heeellllllllllll?????? "
i dunno wat to do n just let it the camera like that until now....
i just keep it.. i try already to send it to the shop but the shop could'nt make it....
that was my first experience with digital thingy...

secondly my lappy...lagi dahsyat...
my lappy going through with the same thing as my camera..
lcd cracked!!!!! cukup benci...
it cost me around rm 1000 sumthing ayat mcm slah bukan cost me it cost my father.. yang bayar k...

bukan tuh jer...
my lappy charger pon i bleh masuk yg ke dua..
ape nak jd pon tak tau...the original one my adik terlaggar then trus tak edop..
then bli yg universal charger..
im use it around a few month then rosak gak....
the second one lak still can use tapi mcm nak tunjuk sign2 tak leh pakai...

the third one phone...
pasal phone lagila...
bertukar2 phone dr dulu..
dr nokia ke samsung, dr samsung ke sony ericsson plak...
pasni tak taula ape lg..
n rite now my phone tak eh pakai..
terpakse la gune iffan punyer phone....
actually td ptg g pasar..
then ujan lebat n redah jer..
phone kat poket pon turut serta membasah bersama..

k la gtg..
nedd to do assignment..
take care people

hepi burfday


my sister Fatin Nabilah binti Azami
may god bless u n good luck in wat ahead..
jgn lupe study betol2 for the next year
u will seat for ur SPM....

kat umah jgn mals2..
bakar2 la lemak yang terkumpul

p/s: on this time my whole family kat umah nenek ader kenduri.
al-fatihah untuk arwah atok

cream of pumpkin

last two days, i manage to do cream of pumpkin for commercial class..
which is my group need to cooked the menu that has been listed for served at the Mock Restaurant.. with my partner, Izzati, i planned to make it as delicious as i can..

and thanked god!!!! all the customer that dine in the restaurant said that the soup was good n delicious.. my COD stand for chef of the day said " congrates la, soup paling banyak dapat komen positif!!! " izzati was like" YEEAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!"
hahhaahahahha... both of us happy kot...

and now i want to share with all of u the recipe:



2 Pumpkin ( it depends whether want to use 1 or 2 pumpkin or more )
Mirepoix ( consists of carrot, celery n onion ) cut into smaller
Chopped garlic
Chicken stock powder
Pepper powder


1. take a saucepan or pot then heat the oil. then saute the chopped garlic.

2. Put inside mirepoix and pumpkin that has been cut into small pieces.

3. Boil the water while waiting the pumpkin cooked. then dissolve the chicken stock powder and not to much. it might be salty when the soup become thick later on. u can do taste adjustment after the soup blend.

4. after the pumpkin cooked then put inside the pot that contain chicken stock n boil it until soft. not to hard not to soft.

5. then keep it warm in the chiller before we put it in the blender and blend them together until become thick n creamy.

6. after blend, put the cream back in the pot, heating up and season with pepper and salt. its optional whether u want put salt or not because the chicken stock give salty taste already.

ready to served!!!!!! u can enjoy it with slices of french loaf.....
this is my first time eat this kind of soup and i totally enjoy it to make it...

the colour of soup sightly like this...
enjoy n try this at home..