Saturday, June 18, 2011

currently listen to her

i just wanna share with you guys about this singer which is have a powerful voice.
i don't know whay i do love music.. basically i do love all the thing that related with art..
like Culinary Art??? hahahhahaah music is an Art rite??

more or less there is "ART" word there!! hahahhahha

lemme telling you guys about her..
first of all i reallly love too listen her voice!!! damn very much!!
it is kinda listen old song with old voice.. i mean it is very unique, evergreen..
country music or what not.. i dunnow how to describe...
i'm not in music thingy!! hahaha.. if about food yes i do!!!

she is ADELE!!

I know now her song is played at most all of radio station in Malaysia!!

much much love her :P

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