Thursday, October 15, 2009

i have no idea

realy dont know wat actually happen to myself since
i cant control my emotion
n getting lazy ass to study....

such a bad and the worst thing!!!!
thats not good okeyh...

final just around the corner..
i should plan n to do revision
but i feel like....wat the hell going on with me..
im feel messy....
cant breath..
such a burden to me..

this semester for me accounting n cost control are the tough subject..
till now i can control it..insyaallah i will bring it until seat all the paper..

i plan to going back one week before final..
really miss my parents..
evry nite i thinking about hem..
i hate this feeling..
i want go back.

discuss it later with my mom..
whether she gave me permission or not..

got to go now...
kitchen class waiting for me...

take care guys!!


ieqazm said...

sama dow dgn aku =.=
someone need to wake me up.
im getting lazyyyyy day by dayyy.

mike radcliffe said...

wake me up too..
aku tensen gler..
i planned to giong back before final to waking up myself..