Saturday, October 3, 2009

cream of pumpkin

last two days, i manage to do cream of pumpkin for commercial class..
which is my group need to cooked the menu that has been listed for served at the Mock Restaurant.. with my partner, Izzati, i planned to make it as delicious as i can..

and thanked god!!!! all the customer that dine in the restaurant said that the soup was good n delicious.. my COD stand for chef of the day said " congrates la, soup paling banyak dapat komen positif!!! " izzati was like" YEEAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!"
hahhaahahahha... both of us happy kot...

and now i want to share with all of u the recipe:



2 Pumpkin ( it depends whether want to use 1 or 2 pumpkin or more )
Mirepoix ( consists of carrot, celery n onion ) cut into smaller
Chopped garlic
Chicken stock powder
Pepper powder


1. take a saucepan or pot then heat the oil. then saute the chopped garlic.

2. Put inside mirepoix and pumpkin that has been cut into small pieces.

3. Boil the water while waiting the pumpkin cooked. then dissolve the chicken stock powder and not to much. it might be salty when the soup become thick later on. u can do taste adjustment after the soup blend.

4. after the pumpkin cooked then put inside the pot that contain chicken stock n boil it until soft. not to hard not to soft.

5. then keep it warm in the chiller before we put it in the blender and blend them together until become thick n creamy.

6. after blend, put the cream back in the pot, heating up and season with pepper and salt. its optional whether u want put salt or not because the chicken stock give salty taste already.

ready to served!!!!!! u can enjoy it with slices of french loaf.....
this is my first time eat this kind of soup and i totally enjoy it to make it...

the colour of soup sightly like this...
enjoy n try this at home..

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