Tuesday, October 20, 2009

done with all test

Accounting test = DONE
Cost control = DONE

im free from test now..
im done with accounting evening just now
for cost control im done with it on last Monday and
surprisingly i got already the mark....
gosh!!!! i got 7.5 over 15....

for me it was just ok...since im not study enough though..
i know i can do better than this..
it is ok..i will going further

for accounting...i dunnow wat im doing
i just do wat ever that i know n understand..
i tried hardly to answered all the question..
as long i give effort k..

whether it is wrong or wat so ever
im done with it...


td my sayang coming to my house
i was shocked tetibe called me kate dah kat bawah rumah
then i came down...

n personally met kakak dier td..
both of them nice...

actually my syang came to giving back my book
n konon2 nak wat surprise bagi i birthday card since my burfday next week on wednesday..
padahal i dah perasan awl2 dlm plastik bag td..

thanks syg!!! love u damn much

cukup dgn kate2 jiwang n geli..

lets continue back with Cost control assignment!!!!
only this one burden that i should going through until the end!!!
then everything extreamly done...

lets do it bebeh....
p/s: mcm tak nak tdo jer mlm nih..

1 comment:

Msfiera said...

love u too dear!
i know u didnt believe me at first yg fira kt umah bwh umah iky,hehe.