Thursday, October 8, 2009


bz week..
with test, assignment that need to finish and submit before final
but i really enjoy to going through though..

big problem is getting lazy ass to study..
such a crazy..
but im enjoying each second in this sem..
love more on accounting but dunnow if i can manage it during exam
best moment is during serving class n also kitchen commercial!!!!

i dunnow this is my problem or not.
my friend and i got an issue
i dont think that matter is come up from myself
since i told her already that i dont want to join them hang out..
but its ok..
evrything gonna be find
i dont have any rights to hate them

to much things that i need to focus.
just let it go bebeh!!!

allah always love me..
He tested evrything on me to uji my iman n so on..
thanks god...

if i feel that im so weak to going through all the tested
i love to recite al-quran
it brings u the calmness..
believe in Allah..
there is a reason y allah gave something to u and what not...

i can reached the calmness since i make al-quran as my guidance
and to recite trough..

i know im not good enough..
im not the perfect one..
there is nobody perfect..
for those who r facing a lot of probems..
back to basic..
remember allah..think twice
who us for HIM

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