Tuesday, October 20, 2009


just now..... past a few minutes...
i called my best friend who is Panot...
i talked to him on the line..
then i feel like something different about his self
and its make me awkward...seriously..

but he still remaining the same..
always ask me whether im good or not..
talking rubbish..
bitchy here and there..
such a nice moment..
i missed when we r still in secondary school...

you r so much different..
i can feel it deeply even we never met since our last outing dulu..

and thanked god u r such a good friend..
insyaallah i will take care our relationship even
i sometimes forgetting you..
i remember you but maybe kinda bz with assignment n everthing..

later on i called Hayyat plak..my bff gak..
3 of us mang extreamly rapat..
n it is obvious since our form 5..

hayyat plak touching..
die kate aku lame tak kol dier..
aku blek kg pon tak gtau...
k i admit...
that is my wrong...
but seriously i still remember n love u guys..

i know sometimes i put myself in a wrong way..
kadang2 i terlalu penting kan org yg sekeliling i jer...
but then yg lame i buang..
bukan bermaksud mcm tu..
means i kadang2 terbawak2 dengan keadaan sekeliling..

both of u so kind..

haaa.. ckp pasal kawan i tadi..
si panot tu..
k kk mesti ader yg pelik name die knape panotkan..
the real name is faiz..

berbalik cerita tadi..
i ask hayyat y he so different now..???
rupenyer die ustaz skang..

i was like thanked god...
he is ustaz now..
permanent ustaz plak tuh...
at my old school...

patot la cakap tak mcm dulu..
i jer masih jahat n menggile..

n one more thing
he can speak english well rather than me...

standing ovation pleaaaasseee....

no matter what happen,
no matter way people want separate us
i dont care

we r still friends..
n love u guys forever...

Me, Panot and Hayyat



::shopaholic-gurlz:: said...

ohohohho...kowg betige mmg close r..
n 1 more thing, i pn tkjut when i nOe that panot becomes ustaz...muke bercahaya time jOin konvoi rye mse tu...hehehe=p

mike radcliffe said...

unfortunately i cant make it la..
tak per
as long he got something to do..

Aiman Ariffin said...

lol, yeah you may love them but they wudnt know if u dont do something abt it right?

Action speaks louder than words ;)

mike radcliffe said...

u r right dude..

btw congrates to ur registration to UQ