Tuesday, February 14, 2012

working with fondant

past few days what a hectic and chaotic days! super exhausted !
lotsa drama and cerekarama* tetibe

last friday i do busy with cake hantaran for my cousin
yeay ! it done and the end product, for me it looks so fucking awesome !
*perasan jap

i mean I'm proud with my talent that gifted from ALLAH :P Amin
it takes two days to making the cake. On Thursday nite I do baked the chocolate cake.
then on the next day I do crumb coating, and covered the cake with fondant!
I just make the cake different than before. I put strawberry jam as filling and coat with strawberry buttercream before covered with fondant ! sounds deliciux huh??

what a challenging phase. Is not easy to work with fondant people. macam haram.
at first the fondant is tear out. then the second time, it fixed !

I just got a rough idea to deco the cake. I just going with the flow then Voilaaa!

do some patch here and there.. put some sugar balls.. *balls lah sgt
then arranging the flower..
adding some long tail ribbon. do shading and yeaaah !

rough idea !

after 5 hours which is at the night it turns like this

then the light blue ribbons comesss !!

okey budak itu gedik sgt. Memg paling banyak komen.
gigih buat daun tapi pakai sikit jer :P

but still not finish yet..

the crucial part is the wording !
then I'm using royal icing to write those words.
see it looks good. I rase ni lah first time wording I yang paling cantek. hahaha

yeahhh ! abaikan peluh *erkk yuck !


Then put the cakes in the plastic box which tied up with bows !
buat sendiri ok that bow ! Take a bow betol..

I'm so glad to making this cake. It been long time I did'nt do such thing. Last time is when I was in Diploma. Hope i will do this again as practice to nail it moreee !

And next plan is making cupcakes for my another cousin engagement and her hantaran ! yeay
Seronok jugak jd wedding planner *tetibe kan


eszyamin said...

wah kau memang berbakat besar..keje haluss pulak..

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

halus ke?? bunga tu bukan buat. tu beli yer.. takut slh paham pulaaaak

Anonymous said...

Kredibiliti anda tak dapat dipertikaikan lagi. Btw, thanks for the great cake for my brother :)

Anonymous said...

Kredibiliti anda tak boleh dipertikaikan lagi. Btw, thanks for the great cake for indra haliz, n kegigihan anda siapkan cake tu :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great cake for indra haliz. Dapat byk compliment okay. Btw, thanks atas kegigihan anda menyiapkan cake ni :)