Tuesday, March 31, 2009

je'taime SUPERBUS!!!!

im fall in love with superbus...
grooup dar france!!!!!!!!
lagu diorag sgt best..
suke lagu LOLA ngan lagu RADIOSONG!!!

im FRENCH skang!!!
ah Ikmal ko mang sume ko nak jadi..

thanks to my friend kat myspace shukor aris..
dier yg memperkenlkn aku group nih...
since dier tau aku ader bljar french..
n tak sangke plak dier lagi expert dlm french..


After a trip to the United States to perfect her English in 1999, Jennifer Ayache went looking for musicians to make a group. She met Michel Giovannetti, a guitarist, and François Even, a bassist, who already knew each other from another group, and formed a new band. They started out as a three-piece before 2 other members joined.

Those two were later replaced by Guillaume Roussé (on drums), and Patrice Focone (on guitar). Roussé quit the band in 2005 and was replaced by Greg Jacks.

The band got their name from the Latin word superbus, meaning proud, which Ayache stumbled upon while browsing a Latin dictionary

Musical style

Superbus' style is reminiscent of a vast array of bands, from No Doubt to Sum 41, via Weezer, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Blink-182 and Sublime.[citation needed]

In 2002, Superbus released their debut album, Aéromusical. The band's second album, Pop'n'Gum, released in 2004, was produced by David Salsedo from Silmarils. In 2005 they won the Best French Act award at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Superbus also made a debut in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock with their song Radio Song, featured as an unlockable bonus song.

According to the Sikoras, Superbus are the founders of 'girl noise garage rock', a genre involving garage rock mixed with girl noise



  1. Aéromusical, March 2002 (#85 in France)
  2. Pop’n’gum, June 2004 (rerelased in March 2005) (#26 in France)
  3. Wow, October 2006 (#6 in France)
  4. Lova Lova, 2009-02-09[2]


  • Tchi-Cum-Bah, October 2002
  • Superstar, March 2003
  • Into the Groove, July 2003
  • Monday to Sunday, December 2003
  • Sunshine, May 2004
  • Radio Song, November 2004 (available as a bonus track in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock)
  • Pop’n’gum, July 2005
  • Little Hily, September 2005
  • Rock à Billy, September 2006
  • Butterfly, March 2007 (available in the soundtrack to the video game FIFA 08)
  • Lola, April 2007 (Lola 2008 greek series soundtrack)
  • Travel the World, September 2007
  • Ça mousse, March 2008
  • Addictions, November 2008
  • Lova Lova, March 2009

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