Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lone ranger. do I ??

This is something that I do can accept
But my soul said something totally differ
I just wanna be strong, and stronger than you

Ayah I can't.. I can't stand this
It does not mean that I hate to be here
I'm so thankful because of your support
What ever that you are do for me is just for a sake of my goodness
Yes I know

But this is something that I can agree because you never asking for a opinion from my side
This is some thing breaking the rule.. my privacy

I just really hope that everything gonna be fine
I do this just for you even it hurt my soul
But till when I can bear with it??

It is totally disturbing me

God shows the reason
And I know every thing happen for a reason


eszyamin said...

la..dah kenapa pulak...pasal study ker??

Anonymous said...

kenape ni mal..emosi je,ko ddk ngan sape kat kolej tu ha? sian die..be strong k! ;)