Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Homesick and how I get my URL link names

Did you guys know what is homesick is all about??

I do refer for myself ya.. For me homesick is a kind of weird feeling once you are getting far far away from your home which is the place that you get used with it..

The place that you guys having breakfast, lunch and dinner together with family
The place that you guys having a play together
The place that you guys sleeping together
The place that you guys taking a bath together... erkk??

And all of sudden your life that you used with those before was changed

How was your feeling?? Kinda weird?? Odd or awkward??
You guys annoyed with those feeling??

yes I DO!!!

Feel like dumb ass you know!!

Honestly before I enrol myself in National Service I never separate and go far away from my parents for a long period of time..

I never go to any camping that held in school, never join those programme that needs me separate from my family.. I don't know why people.. I know it just my feeling but I can't control that..

The very very best part is when my friend told me that my name was in the list to attend the National Service in 2008. I was like I need to do thisssss??!!!

Starting from that I do always feel scared..
Ya because I never get used with a new thing..

But once I do enter the NS.. attend to many classes, mix around with people that from different races, do a lot physical training and naahhh

I enjoyed each second of time and start from that I do build my self esteem..
I always talk to myself to be a confident and very positive person..

So now you know where I got my link right?? hehehhe

I'm still holding this two word until now
Until I registered myself in UITM Penang
I feel so strong and brave enough to face all the barriers

Basically I do write this because of my unstable feeling towards the day of degree
I feel like at my first day of diploma right now

I need to remember those experience that thought me how to overcome this


If I can, You guys also can

Good Luck guys for those will continuing studies


eszyamin said...

yeaahhh!! evrybdy hv a chance to change..success to motivate urselvs is the most valuable matter inside u!!..selamat berjaya sahabatku!!

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

yes u got me..
everyboddy have a chance to change.. but it comes from deep of your heart..

sape lg nak ubah kite kalau bukan diri sendiri nok..

thanks yaa!!