Monday, May 23, 2011


CHEF WAN nak kawen???
tak de pon khabar or any ura ura die nak kawen??
hell nooo!! memang bukan die kawen lah tapi anak die SERINA tuh ha.. yg dah beranak tu ha..

actually i do missed this thing before!! apekah ia???
few backs ago i do noticed that Serina's wedding ceremony will be reveal on the Asian Food Channel.. tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu rupenyer it is viewed already on 14 February 2011..
memg aku tak tau ape ape lah kan pasal nih.. ye r duduk Langkawi 4 bulan ibarat aku tak tengok tv langsung.. hahhaa

So for those who are miss to watch this premier, go stay tune in front of your television because AFC will do viewing again the programme....

It would be held on THURSDAY, 26 MAY 2011 at 8PM
On channel 703 ASTRO!!
Dont't miss out again yaw!!!!

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