Friday, May 13, 2011

the end of the journey

everything that usually begins will be end.. whether slow or fast, yesterday or today.....
the thing will be happen and reveal..

yeay!! jimba jimba jimba
diploma is finished!! OFFICIALLY..
officially lah sangat.. orang semua dah bercuti-holiday-bekerja part time bagai
kau baru nak hoorey hoorey..

tak pela lambat sikit.. saje nak posting something here
the journey is full of memories, colour, barriers and soooo much more

firstly i feel like fuuuhhh!!!! release everything..
lega lah gile ssangat.. sebab diploma dah abes..
mase mule mule masuk UITM Penang tuh aku mcm tak percaye..
yela aku bukan pandai mane pon.. boleh ker aku nak going through this for the 3 years??
lagi lagi aku dlm Culinary Art course... boleh ker??
harung tak harung kene harungkan jugak lah kan..
yela name pon study.. then dengar dengar pulak course culinary nih ade 2 times internship!!
aduuhhhh.. mampu mak nyah???

then starting here i'm in penang i banyakkan berfikiran positive in whatever i do.. and yeah it works!!! so everybody meh meh kite mempositivekan diri!! *tetibe
semester 1 boleh tahan lah.. seronok belajar.. dealing with new friend, people..
environment pon different.. new environment kateyer..
blajar many new things.. so far ok lah belajar. duduk dlm kampus..
yela nerdy kan.. duduk dlm kampus.. dunia luar tak kenal sgt... tak kenal lagi ape kehebatan penang...
eceehhhh.. statement ape nih?? sesuatu sangat doe..

time sem satu nih pon result ecececehhh nak cite result plak..
tak la gempak mane tapi alhamdulillah percubaan yg baik
i almost dean list... malang nyer tetap tak dean list.. haha

then on the second semester baru lah i dapat dean.. once in my diploma!! boleh la.. dr tak de kan..
ni kes nak tebus kekalahan in the first semester.. finally yeah.. pon tak lah tinggi mane pointer..
naik sikit jugak ler...

in culinary nih basically memg byk i dpt blajar.. tak la masak jer tapi almost covered all that related to business, law, management, science and many more...
sape kate culinary masak jer???? yeah i know ramai yg kate culinary nih senang.. katenyer masak jer.. meh try kalau brani???

culinary also give a chance to us to work in the real industry... in the fourth and the final semester we are culinarian must attend the internship.. this is the requirement that stated by uitm...

rase memg berat la kan nak g training ape semua.. first time plak.. and i have no working experience before.. so deal with people is scares me a lot!!
yeah now i can deal with it..

the first internship is at the Putrajaya Shangri-La and the latest one is at The Westin Langkawi!!!

besttt bestt!!! i gain lot from those internship..

and past few weeks we had our examination which is theory and practical.. we did it and officially finish our diploma session.. perhaps i can continue my degree.. what course??? wondering right..
maybe in the same field.. hahahhaha
you must got me now!!

what ever it is i'm happy for myself and my friends!!!!
really had fun studied in this course..
thanks to all lecturers and hope all the knowledge is blessed..
thanks to everybody yaw!!!

nak tgk gambar lame lame time i mule2 masuk uitm?? maybe u guys can compare me the old one and now...
nak kate aku gemok lah tu kan.. mcm aku tak tau..

this time during pastry class part 2 maybe.. tak hingat..
doughnut making konon :P

ramping tak haku??? kalu skang soh pakai vest tu dah mcm
nagka bergerak sane sini =_=

my favourite class during the 5th semester :)

muke belagak gile makan kat hotel :P

yeah i'm listed in dean award!! this time at Naza Talyya Penang

during international cuisine class!!! mexico mexico !!

ni hotai hotai sikit yela part 5 katenyer!!

whats going on after the examination??? we got a trip!!! the trip will be reveal in the next post yaw..
till then :P
much much love

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