Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Randomness - International Cuisine Class (Final Project)

yeah.. tetibe jer =_=

International Cuisine is the subject where we learn and exposed with any cuisine from other country such as New Zealand, Italy, Middle East and so on..

this is one of 8 subject that is compulsory to take as a culinarian. ngee..
this is were we can learn how to cooked that different kind cuisine from different countries, the history of the food, the authenticity of the food and so on..
best part is mestilah makan kan!!

evry person in the class will be incharge as a chef of the day evry week with different country that they need to perform..
such a great experience to learn others country cuisine, their staple food, their culture, region and many more..

And the final week is the best and climax for this subject!!! not only for us.. but for all final year students of diploma culinary art..

in this particular event we need to work as a team member together with another class.. and both class will be divide into two groups.. one group for work in the kitchen to prepare food and another one work as a banquet service !!!

The chef of the day and supervisor of the day had been prepared all the menu and plans many thing a few weeks ago before the remaining day..

and i was incharged in the kitchen as a Sous Chef for the soups... and i work with the beautiful young lady.. Nasha !!! we was asked to prepare mise en place for 4 types of soup which are Harira soup, Egg Drop soups, Tomyam and French onion soup.. and yeah !!! we made it..

and my egg drop soup is sangat laku!!!

owh ye the theme of the night is MASQUERADE :p

here some picture from the event !!
all the pictures is taken by the goddess SAFINAZ YAZED :)

variation of sushi :P

the fruit platter :P

selection of cold cuts and seafood items :P

during mise en place to prepare Harira soup :P

some of the fruit carving for a display:P

yummy :P

selection pf pasta with sauce :P
ok terkecur air liur ketika menaip-hingga-basah-keyboard..
ok JIJIK..

Some of the dessert :P

org kuat nih.. Chef Fauzan and Chef Shafik..
owh ice carving pon nak mencapap yer =_=

amboi enjoy sakan lecturers lecturers :P

the mc for the night Miss Atiyah and Mr. Ashraff :P
gandingan mantap...

owh org org ini tidak kuat, tapi bila kerjasama bersama sama semua jadi mudah!!!!

Congrates people!! we made it!!!
this is a such great event that perhaps we could not forget it...
good job to you guys hope what we r doin will be our strength to face the next internship yeah~~


soffea said...

sedapnye sushi tu... terliur. hehe

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

meh meh rase

Anonymous said...

amik culinary art ke??

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

yup culinary art..
and now doin my intern in lagkawi~~!!

Anonymous said...

dulu gila minat nk amik culinary art. but uitm xnk trima.haha.. isi borg utk culinry art nye school.pe ntah nama. but lewat antr borg. pity me.

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

owh yeke???

culinary best bile dah tau industry mcm ner