Monday, November 1, 2010

It's my turn to turns 20

my birthday is just pass few days..
on 28th October is my 20th birthday celebration
I'm 20 babey, and YES it's mine!!!~~

now i put myself in 20 years old peoples.. btw whats mean to all of you by this??
we matured enough to be a good person in that age??
i always think and refresh back what I'm doing in my entire life in past..

is that i do a lot of good deeds??? am i so mean when dealing with people around me??
I always put it that question in my mind..
i know I'm not a good person.. yes indeed.. a lot of weakness that i do..
sometimes i do regret it but i easily repeat the same things
where is my brain?? or i just freely follow my lust??
yes!! sometimes lust will conquer and control yourself..
just in a second it will blind you..

my dad always told me that every single day will change and
change as our age..
we were getting older and become adult
the responsibility that falling to us is become higher...
would you do and act at the same way???
or just stick and always do the wrong things??
think and bare in mind..
the changes will makes ourselves better and we actually really need change

there is nobody can change you, myself and people around me right now
but only one
which is YOURSELF!!!!


as myself in a new phase of my life
i feel free to get right on whats wrong
and i hope i would be a better person not in this remaining time
but until my last breath

and and thank you to my friend my the love one
because give me a birthday surprise
i really appreciate it
thanks for the present and cakes

owh ya i also share a same birthday with my dad


Syla Rosli said...

Happy bornday dude :)

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

hey hey Syla
thanks following!!

thanks for the wishes yaw!!


happy birthdayyyyy^__^ may God bless u alway and ur family. May happiness and joy will be around u:) take care.

salam ziarah dr fifiey.

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

hi hi fifiey~~~
thanks to come to my typical blog
and thanks for the wishes!!!!

glad to see you~~!!

FasiHaH said...

aku baru survive, aku baru sedar yang aku lupa burfday ko emal!! OMG....
u hv torned to 20! wink wink. hehehe
May Allah bless you fren!!
Hepy belated birthday, gila lambat wish kan!
sowryyy =___='

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

hey hey fasihah!! thanks yaw~~
no worries.. still fresh 20 here..

thanks again for the prays..
hope to see u soon :P