Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Randomness - The Classical Pastry class

This is my most favourite class suring my 5th semester..
kelas yang paling aku suke and ternanti nanti tiap minggu
dan dan dan aku sangat super duper excited kalau buat projek projek pastry baru :P

SUKE gile !!!

sepanjang kelas ni banyak bende yg aku belajar.. and based from that there are 4 projects that
we need to settle up in short period of time !!!
seriously commitment among the team members is really important

antara projek yang kami sekumpulan buat adelah Clock Tower Bread, Dessert Plating, Wedding Cake Pastillage and and Chocolate box!!!

1. The MEGA Clock Tower
This is bread base that usually made for a display or centerpiece in the buffet and so on. It is not for eating yer~~ JUST A DISPLAY

Amboi riang ria raye.. ingat kau buat biskut raye ker??

ok inilah biskut raye yg riang ria si raye buat !! eh tak.. ni adelah all the thing that we need to build up the clock.. from the bread dough, we shape it in what ever shape we want.. then baked in oven around 180*..

ah kau lagi !! muke-nak-tak-boleh-belah-mintak-penampar..
ok sila tampar :P

after we painted it and let them dry, the assemble session begins!!!
then TADA !!!~~~~~

2. Dessert Plating

This is where we learn how to plan a one fine dining dessert plating. On that day we serve the cheese cake and decoration is base from our own design and idea.

ok this is mine~~
pose is harus katenyer~~

Asyikin's desert cheese cake with kiwi coulis :P yummy

this is mine and the cheese cake decorate with strawberry coulis :P
ok sila lah terliur.. ok sy tak tipu ia memng sedap .. mau mau??

3. Wedding Cake Pastillage

This is one of the project that we can't wait !!! This is my favourite.. It is totally hard to do and yeah not that easy =_= ..
We managed to made it though

This is our wedding cake!! this is not what actually we are plan..
it is nice though !! suke suke suke!!!
we all just come in many types of flower than mix and match during assemble those bloody thing..
Bak kate Chef Amin :P

Sila abaikan patung kahwin yg menari nari ditepian kek =_=
plan nak letak on the top of the cake then Chef kate.. "ini bukan patung pastillage, markah akan ditolak" okeyh kami tak letak. hahahha

so kami buatkan lah baju ala ala Bernard Chandran kat patung tuh :P

4. The Chocolate Box

hahahahhaha This is so YUMMY~~~ The best part is i eat chocolate more rather than do the project !!!! hahhahahaha

this is Asyikin's chocolate box

OK this is mine~~!!

I can't forget all the experience that i get !!!
thanks to all of guys to make them real!!!

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