Tuesday, August 18, 2009

supervisor of the day

im super duper nervous plus excited this morning
i want everything that i planned gonna be perfect

i am the supervisor of the day for today
to manage all those things yg perlu during serving class
since my lecturer off today terpakse la manage everything without some one that can guide myself
need to do table layout, the linen, cutleries n crockeries
the table setting, menu card..
mcm2 la...

fortunately my friend lend their hand to cooperate wit each other
and finally everythg done!!!

now i feel little bit free..
because it is DONE!!!
but now im stress with accounting!!
but still can manage it

ok i bukan account student
i budak perdagangan, art n economy!!
should i mention it???
of course yes..
suke aty la blog aku kan???

bile dgr perkataan DEBIT KREDIT jer kepale terus berputar2..
then jammed trus koma..

joking!! just to release tension..

pabila si supervisor ingin mencapub dan menyuruh staffnya mengambil gambar beliau maka=
ini terjadi secra tidak sengaja


rul_tazmania14 said...

caya r lu ikmal..
gud job..
tp pe2 hal aku mtx maap coz xdpt tlg ko cr org..

rul said...

caya r ko ikmal..
gud job..
tp pe2 hal aku nk mtx maap coz xdpt tlg ko cr org..

mike radcliffe said...

thanks babe

teyhaaa bukan kau. said...

eceyyhh.sod siot.heheh.

teyhaahaha said...

eceyyhh.sod siot.hehehe.

mike radcliffe said...

yer sod teyhaa...

Anonymous said...

SOD lah die!
and i'm proudly the COD