Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dinner @ NAZA Hotel

last thursday Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management of UITMPP telah mengadakan majlis anugerah dekan..
finally i have been there since for the first semester i did'nt get dean...
thank god im here!!!

there is nothing much to share a story with all of u since tak der ape2 yg best sgt on that time..
melainkan kami Budak DCA yg hot!!!!

i got it!!!!

with the hottest girl ever!!! Phynaz
that was me!!!

mkan time

naza hotel


congrates all dca students and for the faculty!!!


.paiz. said...

hey. i know u. uitmpps` right.

zainal's and azuar's said...

congrates weh(:

mike radcliffe said...

yeah!!! uitmpp

welcome ieqa..