Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ordering !

Currently I got bunch of cake order from my cousins and family..
Cisss tak lah byk tapi ade la got some.. Saja nak buat buat busy hehehe

Latest order that I made is Oreo Butter Cake which in cups !
This is ordered from my cousin which do celebrated her birthday at school

She ordered 30 pieces of cupcakes which the topping is chocolate ganache. This is my recipe creation.. with plain butter cake, I do add a packet of Oreo cookies into the batter.
Voilaaa ! It sooooo YUMMMY !

For the saturday event, she also manage to order a whole cake, also for her birthday to celebrate at her granny house.

As basic I'm still use the buttercake, but the buttercream is flavour of cappucino and the filling is blueberry. I think this is gonna be a crazy taste ! hahahahaha
We do manage to decorate together the cake, thats why jd mcm ituuu !

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