Tuesday, November 17, 2009

an interview

on last monday i'm headed to Putrajaya Shangri-La hotel
to attend one interview for my industrial training

there is nothing much la..
usually people think that in interview
the interviewer will ask many question
whether general knowledge or even about the hotel itself..

fortunately diorg just give simple briefing pasal shift and everything..
then give us chance ask a few question..
thank god!!!

ingat nak tanyer like..
how many Shangri-La have their branches all over the world???
mati aku..

yang i ngan faizal plak dlm kete otw ker Shangri-La yoyoo jer
dok memorising name2 restaurant dlm hotel tuh..
jumlah bilik..
name2 suite..
suite parkview la,
hillview la..
presidential suite la...

this is the visitor pass...ahaks..

get ready and be ready

Human Resource area

i sangat tertarik dengan statement2 disini
enlarge this pic to read

after the interview we all jln2 kat putrajaya..
and decide to lunch kat alamanda...u

ok!!! i bg chance untuk mereka
menjadi duta sementara

ok sy nampak sangat tak sabo

then terus anta jeff, iffan and faizal blek..
luckily we got the same place for our industrial training..
after this kene la lebih usaha untuk bekerja..


Anonymous said...

congrats 4 the placement!
ktrg 4 dpt bayview & diorng call for interview
serius ke interview just briefing?serius takot!
1st time kott!

mike radcliffe said...

actually anis mcm yg kite tau interview mang
soo scary..
this is not what we are expect..
tak tau plak just briefing2 mcm tuh jer..
its depend on the HR of the hotel gak..