Friday, November 6, 2009

done and let it go

the thing that i scared was went far2 away..

im done with my accounting paper.
first i look at the questions i was like
urrmm.. look easy

but then it gettin wrong n everythin put up here n there
the transaction make me confuse..
so confusing okey!!!!
i have no idea

i just goin trough till the end
never lookin back

kire tawakal n berserah je la

so far i try my best
i always try harder in watever i do

release evrything and ends up with
watching Pisau Cukur!!!!


nice movie...soo much gewdik-ness
ok la..
just for fun

i become addicted to food recently..
i think it always happen to me when final exam comin
each second i always come up in my mind
" nak makan ape erk????? "


and now im addicted with new DRUGS!!!
which is good to ur health
for those who is concerning in wat ever they eat
this the best food!!!

OAT KRUNCH by Munchy`s

i prefer the Dark Chocolate flavour
sooo yummmy~~~~~


FasiHaH said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..oat crunch..memang delicious!

mike radcliffe said...

kan? kan???