Sunday, September 27, 2009

week end

a week of raya will be ended by this evening
due to my journey to going back Penang
i feel like whole past one week happen like all of sudden raya breaks already finished..
what can i do..just being positive

after this a lot of thing that i need to do, to finish up everything that i need to submit
and work hard on studying and revisioning...
dah tu raya nie langsung tak bukak buku..i mean do my accounting exercise
harapan la kalu raye nak bukak buku kan...

after three weeks lecture i need to seat for my final exam for this third sem..
such a big deal huh???
study n study...pray to the god..
OMG!!! my head will be turned messy.. ya tak kire mase
time tu lah nak poyo2 plus gedik2 wat study group la ape la..
hahhahaah..last minute study kan..
this is what actualy happen when it comes to final exam..
mang kompem sgt...sume students do the same things..

ermm.... i gonna miss my home again mcm tak puas dok umah..
my fasting this year got one day only at home...
and more desperate i break fast pon kat jusco bukan kat rumah.
coz on that time im do with my last minute shopping raya..
best part on that time i got my own Crocs!!!!!
batak disitu sekijap k..

harap jealous :D
MY fancy silver coloured Crocs

evrything..all my stuff still unpacking..malas doe nak kemas
now around 7 0'clock n i didnt sleep whole last nite.
gle tak ngantok... n kompem after this mesti pedih2 mate.
k la after this i need to packed evrything..
n now sgt ngantok..

n for the last im so sorry to all my fren yg nak dtg umah i tapi i tak der kat umah..
n i tak dpt join our alumni convoi
insyaallah nex time bebeh!!!
tetibe jer..

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