Friday, May 29, 2009

hayyat burfday

he is my bestie since form 5
we r late to knowing each other
but for me its okie coz ur very undertanding n supprting friend
and on 29 May is ur burfday..

im so sorry coz cant remember ur date
i got very bad memory actually
i cant remember each one of my friend burfday
maybe some of them

really sorry coz i forgot to wish u
unfortunately u r the person that told me ur burfday in fact that u r waiting my wishing text
i know maybe u kinda sedih

(of course sedih la aku lupe burfday dier arini)

hayyat im sorry..
i wishing u hepi burfday n moge pjg umo
may god bless u and good luck in what ahead
also for ur final examination result

p/s: terpakse put this picture coz im taken this from his myspace. other picture in my lappy.sorry


asamboyz90 said...

cian hayyat..
happy burfday kat dia...

Anonymous said...

hayyat ni bdk penang eh?
what course?

mike radcliffe said...

bukan la anis my bestie kat skola menengah lah..