Friday, May 8, 2009

crazy chipster hunter!!!

this is the one of the video that directed by faizal..
actually we r just make this video just for fun..
got another 3 video..
i only got this from him..
so enjoy it k..
later i will post another video..

n to my fren ramadhan sorry we r using ur face
without ur permission..


amira.azman said...

ikhmal paling comwl..
lanun cute dol!!!
ngan gigit lidah tu!!

Bonbon Chaud said...


nella said...

hahahaha..kelakar kot!!

(p/s:ikmal....camner nak join jd follower kt blog2 erk? dia dh tukar2 lak style tue..menyusahkan aku jew nak jd
tell me pls...)

a.n.i.s ^_^ said...

cool vid!
tapi muka korg dua je
mane yg laen?