Friday, April 1, 2011

Great place until the end

it's been ages that I'm not blogging something to show up to the world~~~ haaha
it shows that I'm totally busy people yeah busy!!

as you guys know.. internship will be over soon.. and yeah we are Westin team are officially finish!!!
since we are here lot of public holiday and hour need to claim.. hheehehhe
makan hati trainee trainee lain~~

I'm so glad, yeah i mean my friend and I so glad to be here in WESTIN to doing our practical here..
the chef is GREAT.. all the staff is friendly, very take good care of us and many more.. to sum up, everything is okeyh and we are feel belong there!!

what a great place to be stayed there at WESTIN, from the staff, their service, their super food and many more!!!
this is my second practical for my final year in diploma, i'm happy to work here.. yeah maybe there is some differs from my first intern at Shangri-La Putrajya..

both organization are awesome and well known worldwide.. i was learn so many thing in both of them.. the new knowledge, recipes, the sysytem of each organization, the service given, their food concept and many more.. there is a pro's and con's...

I feeling lucky to work there and be part of them.. even just a little new thing that i got or what like i do really appreciate!!! this is the chance that i get. so i grab it and it is already be a past experience for me to refer back~~

Can't imagine that i close to finish the diploma.. time running very fast.. everything changing every single thing without any attention...

now i here in Langkawi.. still..
next week i will go back to my home town..
i know a lot of memories will be remain here and always will mess up in my mind..
my friends, my bed, the staff, the Langkawi's people and all here
and not to forgot my second home Starbucks here in Jetty Point..

arggghhhhh !!!! byk sgt kenangan..
lot of things we do together here.. makan2, island hopping, drive around this island, shopping, mandi mandi and so much more!!

TOOOOO much picture that i want to put in..
tgk ape yg de je yer~~~

see ya in the next post yaw :)


Nayantara Sam said... I'm so envious now. These pictures are amazing, I'm definitely following you :) Please follow me :D

Ikmal Arif Azami said...

i will following you back sweetie!!!

love ur blog!!!
keep in touch!!

jessica said...

I really like these pictures :)