Thursday, October 21, 2010

kenape org suke Blacberry ??

haa.. why currently people love to using smart phone??
owh well it must cross to your mind kan!!!~~ BLACKBERRY

ape features yg ade kat blacberry?? do i know??

im not into gadget people though but but but aku tak lah kampung sgt okeyh =_=
means here sekurang nyer aku tau lah sikit sikit pasal gadget gadget nih

As i know what people said and through my observation lah yer
BB nih boleh online, do check up your email, do always update status in FB even kau nak berak pon kau hupdate kan??
hahhahahaha... mcm aku tak tau.. ok ok

as well as Blackberry ade BBM
ape plak BBM tuh?? mcm main mesej mesej lah..
but you need to know and get your friend code then you boleh chat anytime and anywhere..
this what my friend said lah..
i tak tau sgt..

tapi tapi lately alll my friend memg selalu online through Opera Mini..
they got free access to World Wide Web.
patotla selalu beno hupdate status kat Fb =_=
and now i know, even u got a simple phone i mean not using a smart phone u still can online widely...
cume some of them didn't notice about their phone features..
mcm i ni ha..
i br tau yang my phone can do watch youtube..

Back to the Blacberry~~ NOW blacberry come with now model which is Blacberry Torch..
personally ianya sgt WOW!!! konon2 tak terungkap dgn kate kate.
slide pulak tuh mcm sliding door umah aku..
and and and it have both function button and touchscreen..
hebat kan HEBAT!!!

Aku terlalu excited ketika berbicara tentg ini kerana my phone is going Crazy~~~
dlm hati teringin untuk menggunakan BB..
dlm hati yer, tapi luar hati mcm nak curi jer kat kedai tuh :P
owh tidak..

nampaknyer aku memg tak dpt lah untuk membodek Daddy..
HELL memg tak dpt la kan..

marilah bermimpi kan si BB di alam mimpi yg penuh Magika~~
pengaruh betol dgn filem melayu =_=

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