Saturday, July 17, 2010

oh my blog !!!

rase mcm terbiar plak blog nih =_=
eh eh eh aku rase mcm dah lame kot tak blogging doe..

actually there is no idea come up in my mind
i dunno what topic that i want to talk about..
thats y i come up with my random story..
story that happen in my daily life..

owh ya!!!!~~~
the 5th semester..
ya i'm in the 5th semester which means that i'm so near with the graduation day...
ah perasaan sgt!!!

for me it's still long journey though..
tough plak sem 5 ni..
eh bukan badan i tough time sem 5 ni..
i mean all the subject..
mcm gampang sume subjek
seriously mood tak der even dah masuk
minggu ke 2..

i just goin with the flow je la...
ape nak jadi jadi jerla..
what ever it is i still put my effort in highly level
to make sure in what ever thingy that i do
always in good and succeeded

assignment tak yah ckp la..
for sure lah byk kan..
i try to manage it properly and i decide to do those
in this early semester..
tak mau dah last last minute..

not forget all the big project and event..
for Classical Pastry there is 4 project that we need to do
My group and I have started with the Bread Decoration project..
We all managed to build up one clock tower that basically made with bread!!!!
Can u imagine??? no???
owh tak pa tak pa nanti i do posting bout that k..

dah dah i got lot work to do..
c ya guys!!!

deeply miss all of u guys!!
*motif gile padahal dah start sem. nak rindu rnduan bagai

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