Sunday, January 17, 2010

the followers !!!

hey hey people !!!!!!!
oh my gosh...

i can't describe anymore
there is no word that can i compare with what have you done guyz!!
million thanks to all of u
thanks to follow my typical blog

i'm not even famous like HANIS ZALIKHA's blog
and even like other famous2 blog

i just wrote what ever i want
the things that always happen at my surrounding
share some views and knowledge maybe
and to express myself here...

i didn't expect that i will got a bunch of follower
which is now 57 peoples!!

i'm really sorry if i'm not always updating my blog.
some of u perhaps know that i'm now in my internship.
such exhausted, tired, happy, and many feeling..

hope it will over soon as soon as possible..
even i know there is 11 weeks to end

last but not least
may god bless u
keep on positive mind

1 comment:

jue said...

good luck for ur internship
do the best...
dapat dekan yea..hihihi