Monday, July 27, 2009


im very shocked heard that yasmin ahmad was dead
she is my most feveret director besides ghaz, rashid sibir n so on..
very creative filmmaker and also creative in doing ads commercial
especially for petronas campaign..

i love her hand work
like sepet, gubra, mukhsin, talentime...muallaf
unfortunately im still not watch talentime..
for the rest im done..
and i still waiting muallaf to be publish....

she is the real filmmaker that represent the real MALAYSIA!!!
im wishing the deepest condolence to her family member
rest in peace


RuNNi said...

yeah.... it's so sad. i dont know y. i feel worse of dis lost than MJ's...(ps: sorry MJ)

seriously, everytime i think bout it... it touches my heart, ntears would roll...

mike radcliffe said...

thats true..
we got the same feeling towards her..
rather than MJ's..
becoz she near to us...

she is the real filmmaker