Monday, June 29, 2009

my comeback

gle lame tak on9
now im back
i just got my lappy
before this ade entry i story bout my lappy kan???

almost 3 weeks kot tak on9..
ni kes lappy punyer skrin la..
tak taula mcm ner boleh cracked
it cost me 1000++ semate2 nak repair (ceh my dad yg bayar bukan i..hahaha)

forget bout it...

this friday going back to penang
then third sem is begin
rase mcm baru jer sambung blaja

i really thankful to god coz i got dean list for my result..
and million thanks to
family-give me support,pray for me
friends-thanks for ur guide and cooperation

and for others yg dpat DL, i wishig u congratulations!!!


Anonymous said...

keep up for next sem,k
eh eh gi check jadual
bnyk perda ohh!klas mlm lg!
mencabar btolla~

mike radcliffe said...

thats gonna be tough anees!!!
not sure bout third sem..
subject byk yg tough gler kot..